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The Only Beautiful Girl In My Area  - Season 1 - Episode 7
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I was tired of watching television and
TUNMISE was no more online so the whole
thing was becoming boring to me. I tuned the
DSTV to african magic but there was nothing
new to watch. I checked the time and it was
1:20pm. I started meditating on how to catch
TUNMISE and see what her twins (br**st)
peeping at me is all about. As I was imagining,
I don’t know when I slept off.
From my sleep, I started hearing noises
inside the room like two people were
discussing. My eyes that has been closed for
about four and a half hours started opening
little by little till I finally woke up.
Uncle Richard: aburo, oti ji
Me: beeni sir
Uncle Richard: hope we are not the one that
woke you up?
Me: not atall sir.

He was saying this while he off his shirt and
was set to go for a shower.

I greeted the man that came in with him as
my uncle introduced me to him.

Uncle Richard: this is one of my co-workers.
He also stays here with me but all his
families, his wife and children are in lagos. So
we only stay here on weekdays like this but
we always travel on weekends except for
some weekends that we may be having board
meetings at work. (Went out For shower after

Me: Okay sir. Good evening sir ***leaning
forward to greet the man***
Man:Good evening. You are ayo right?

**** stretched his hand for a handshake****

Me: yes sir
Man: okay, you can call me uncle JAY-JAY
Me: nice meeting you sir
Uncle JAY-JAY: it’s my pleasure. I learnt you

applied for I.T in NESTLE
Me: yes sir
Uncle JAY-JAY: Don’t worry with the influence
of your uncle consider yourself working in
nestle already. You see, everything about
nestle is politics, if you don’t know anybody
“within” you might probably not get a chance
to work here. Only the lucky ones can work
here without connection. But I strongly
believe with the influence of richard, you
would definitely be considered.

Me: Okay sir thank you.
Uncle JAY-JAY: you are most welcome.
As uncle JAY-JAY was concluding, uncle
richard entered the room and asked if I
wasn’t hungry. He took me to the kitchen,
showed me the foodstuffs, gas cooker and

Uncle Richard: This is the kitchen, and all
you’d need in cooking is there. I have rice,
yam, beans, semo, and amala flour at home.
Just cook whatever you want to eat but if you
felt not inclined to cook, there is a woman
selling AMALA and GBEGIRI in the second
street, I can take you there to eat and that is
if you wish.

Me: I would prefer that gbegiri because I’ve
never taste it before. I only hear people
saying it’s fine ( #lie … Na laziness dey worry
my a-s).

Uncle Richard: really? You mean you have not
tasted it before?
Me: yes sir (smile)
Uncle Richard: don’t worry, you’d taste it here

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