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The Only Beautiful Girl In My Area  - Season 1 - Episode 6
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I started blaming myself of what I should
have done, I started imagining her killer 8
and I was feeling like beating myself for
missing such an angel. Who knows if that’s
the mother of my unborn babies.

I checked my time and it was almost
10:30am. I diverted my thoughts from her
and I called my uncle to know where he was.

Me: (dialing) hello sir
Uncle richard: you supposed to be here by
now it’s 10:30am already and submission
would be closing by 11:00am
Me: I’m already in agbara sir, that’s why I’m
calling to know where I would meet you.
Uncle Richard: where exactly in agbara are
Me: I’m at a junction in the estate
Uncle Richard: ok good! Take a bike from
there to NESTLE first gate.
Me: alright sir. (Hanged up)
Immediately I dropped the call, I quickly
boarded a bike to nestle first gate. As we
were about to get there, I have sighted my
UNCLE from afar as he was standing waiting
for me. I asked the bike man to stop beside
him. As I was coming down from the bike, I
started assessments on uncle richard. He was
dressed in a nice suit and. A black pant
trousers but on one BIG buggy-buggy shoes
likely to be factory shoe. I settled bike man
with #50 from junction. I greeted my uncle
and as we were exchanging pleasantries, I
saw the same girl that I saw in the bus some
minutes ago also coming out from the
factory. Now, I could assess her very well. I
can’t just explain her beauty, she was a round shaped a-s type with a killer curve. The way she walked could make someone to commit.

I was not really convenient that I have not
spoken with her as uncle richard is the
hindrance this time around. He requested for
my credentials and two passports which I
quickly gave to him. He entered and asked
me to wait outside as he go in to submit my
I.T letter. I didn’t even know may be I should
run after the girl or I should just remain calm.
I waited for uncle richard outside the gate
while I was just thinking of this CURVE 8 girl.
When he came back, he told me he has
submitted the letter and I might receive a
message any moment from now.

Uncle richard: I have just submitted your
letter and you might receive a message to
come and write your exam any moment from

Me: okay sir, thank you so much sir
Uncle richard: you are most welcome.
I told him I was hungry and he asked if I
would go home and eat or stay till he close
for the day and eat at one of there
restaurants. I told him I would prefer the
both. i.e eating in their restaurant and go
home after the meal. He took me to their
restaurant and asked me to buy anything
that I want. I bought pounded yam and egusi
with ogufe and I stepped it down with a
chilled coke. He left me at the restaurant as I
was about to start the food and came back as
I was about to finish to take me home. We
both went to the park together. He entered
his car and drove home straight.

Uncle richard was staying in a room self
contain with one of his friends in agbara.

Though, he built a flat in abeokuta where his
wife and children lives but he rented the
house at agbara because of his job so he do
travel to abeokuta on weekends.

He ON the Generator And the television for
me and went back to work. I was just
watching musical video on sound city…

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