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The Only Beautiful Girl In My Area  - Season 1 - Episode 4
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Me: you have made this car a wonderful place
to be (with enthusiasm)
She: how?
Me: your perfume is the only air freshener that
is keeping us alive in this car and you have also
coupled it with a nice look
She: (smile), you are funny. Thank you tho
Me: seriously, as I was just about entering the
car, I thought I have finally met rihanna in a
public car because you looks more of her. Or
are you related with her?
She: related with who?
Me: rihanna of course
She: (laughs out loud) why are you flattering
Me: flatter you ke, it’s a fact, even fathimoh
knows it’s a fact. Well, I am ayoola by name but
my very good friends call me Saint_haywhy. I
would prefer calling you angel till I know your
SHE: angel? Well, my name is not angel, I’m
Me: wao! What a lovely name. Mo for o (laughs)
She: thank you, you’ve got a lovely name too
just that all the ayo that I have met are always
Me: which means I’m stubborn too?
She: I don’t know sha but I guess you would be
Me: (smiles) so where are you going this time?
Is it not too early for a pretty damsel like you to
go out?
She: my sister would be wedding this weekend
and I’m going to be besting her so we’re going
to the market today to buy some stuffs so I just
have to get there early
Me: wao! Your sister have gotten a wonderful
best lady for her day. My warmth wishes to her.
She: thanks
Me: oh! You are most welcome, I would still love
to meet this beautiful face once again.

She: really?. Well, if God says so
Me: sure, but may I have your telephone
She: no, give me yours let me flash you
Me: but why?
She: nothing, I don’t know it offhand. It’s a new
Me: okay my number is 08145180829
She: (Dialling) is it ringing?
Me: sure it is
I started asking her about her studies and that
was how I knew she was in ND2 accountancy in
MAPOLY. We discussed about other few things
like relationship, family e.t.c before we got to

The car got to sango at around 7:15am. I
dropped at under bridge with two other
passengers but she didn’t drop as she was still
going to ijaiye.

I was just imagining how beautiful tunmise is as
the car zoomed off to continue it’s journey to
lagos. I was very happy that atleast I was still
able to get her digits and I’ve created a very
good first impression. I trekked down to atan
bus stop and I was so lucky that it only remains
a passenger for the bus to start it’s journey. I
entered and sat down at the back seat next to
front seat without even asking of how much the
fare was. I was sitting next to a woman carrying
a medium basket on her laps. I checked her out
and I could figured out that she was probably
going to atan market. I didn’t have anything to
discuss with an old market woman so I just
plugged in my headset and started listening to
musics till we got to atan. It took the bus more
than 30mins to get to atan because it’s a very
old bus. It was just going slowly as if it was
being paid to do so. Well, we got to atan and
the driver started collecting money from the
front. I paid #100 to atan from sango.

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