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The Only Beautiful Girl In My Area  - Season 1 - Episode 38
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I woke up 7:30am the following day which was on tuesday,
I prayed to God for sparing my life till the following day.

Immediately after the prayer my phone started ringing
again, I checked the caller and it was EWA on the line…

Me: hello
Ewa: ife mi good morning
Me: I want you to start coming home today. I mean pack
your things and start coming right away
Ewa: tell me what happened
Me: let your mind be at rest, its nothing to fear about,
when you come you will know why.
Ewa: but I’m afraid…
Me: okay! Chief Badero and his boys have been arrested
Ewa: whao! Are you for real?
Me: yes! So what time should I be expecting you
Ewa: 4pm in the evening
Me: okay dear, love you
Ewa: love you more (hanged up)
I could not go to work on that tuesday, so I put a call
through to uncle richard to inform him I wasn’t feeling fine
to come to work and he asked me to take care of myself
very well before coming that I’m covered by his

It was 11am, I was in my room, eating, when I heard a
knock on my door, I peeped through the front window to
see two tall Guys standing right in front of my door. I
opened the door and they greeted me
Guys: good morning
Me: good morning
Guy 1: are you mr. Ayoola?
Me: yes
Guy 1: nice meeting you
Me: its my pleasure
Guy2: we are from police station ****they both brought out
there I.D cards**** I am sergeant daniel
Guy1: corporal lanre
Me: okay!
Guy 2: we were on duty yesterday when a case about you

and chief badero was brought to the station
Me: yes!
Guy2: after several tortures of the guys they mentioned
two guys as there spy on this street. Do you know anybody
called iceman and oshantino?
Me: though I’m new on the street but I’m familiar with that
“oshantino” I think he stays in that house opposite my
house.*******pointed to the house********
The two policemen thanked me as they went to the
house…. I peeped through the window to see what would
happen thereafter.

Not quite long, I saw two guys held by the policemen and
were dragged into the police van while the van made a
turning and zoomed off…….
As the car zoomed off, I started thinking about how DiJA
lost her life to save me. I was confused because dija was a
girl that I just met and I didn’t even ask her out. What could
make her to die on my behalf?. As I was thinking, I didn’t
know when I slept off….

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