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The Only Beautiful Girl In My Area  - Season 1 - Episode 37
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Chief badero and 6 other guys came into the room where I was kept. Chief badero was having a short gun on his hand
while one of the other guys was holding a koboko. My heart
burst out of me in fear on seeing their facial looks and the
tools on their hands.

Chief Badero: mr ayoola, where is ewa?
ME: **scared** she is in lagos sir ***
Chief Badero: **came closer*** what do you mean?
ME: she told me a long time ago that she has a grandma in
lagos and that she was going to spend some few weeks
with her.
Chief Badero: so you mean Ewa is in lagos?
***harsh voice***
ME: I think so sir
Chief Badero: if we found out that you lied, you will be killed
ME: ****scared and silent****
Chief Badero: are you deaf and dump?, can’t you answer
ME: ****nodded in fear***
Chief Badero: Have you eaten or you’d need to eat?
Me: ****in fear****** I’m okay sir
***called on one of his guys****
Chief Badero: Make sure his hands
and legs are tied very well. Tomorrow morning, he will take
us to where ewa is and if he fail he should consider himself
GUY1: ok boss.
sudden voices were heard as torch lights and guns were
stretched forward by these strange men and the light
illuminated the room. The voices were ” put down your
weapons, no room for escape as the whole compound had
been surrounded”. Three of chief badero’s guys shot at
these strange men and three of the guys were shot dead in

retaliation. The strange men pointed gun at chief badero
and the other three guys and said “put down your weapons
or consider yourself dead” When chief badero noticed that
he had been overpowered and they are already cold, he
surrendered and raised up his hands. When the three
remaining guys saw that there boss have surrendered, they
dropped there guns and raised there hands up also.
Two of the strange men came to me, untied me and
introduced themselves as policemen from SARS. I had a
mixed feelings of joy and sadness. The feelings of joy was
about my freedom and the feelings of sadness was the
thoughts of
My innocent Dija who died a natural death, though she
wasn’t confirmed dead because chief badero’s boys later
went back to the scene but couldn’t find her corpse. Chief
Badero and his boys was handcuffed together into their van
and I was also told to follow them to the
station. The corpse of the three guys shot dead by the
police were also taken away that night. No policemen died
but two of them only sustained minor injury due to
penetration of bullets.
On getting to the station, we were taken to the IPO where
chief badero and his boys were told to write statements. I
was also told to write statements on the events that
happened that made them to be after me. I begged them
to help me collect my phone from the guy that collected it
from me earlier (pointing at him) so that I could make a
call to my uncle. One of the policemen searched the guy’s
pocket and found my phone in his pocket and he returned it
back to me. They took me home with there van on that
same night at around 1pm and They policemen asked me
to meet them in court on friday of that week to help their
*****thank God I was staying at the Boiz quarter so no need
to knock on the main door before I can enter*********
I crawled into my room because i was so weak and hungry
and couldn’t do anything……. I fell on my bed and I slept
off like a log of wood.

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