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The Only Beautiful Girl In My Area  - Season 1 - Episode 36
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I woke up and regained consciousness in an empty room,
there was only a chair and carpet inside the room. No
wallpapers and no pictures was hanged on the wall. The
window was only covered with a burglary and the sky was
a bit dark from the outside of the window. my hands and
legs was tied to the back of the chair I was sitting on. I
heard voices and conversations coming from outside the
room. I kept quiet to listen to the conversations.
The guys were arguing and insulting one another, part of
the guys were insulting and talking to the guy who
accidentally shot Dija. They started Arguing on what they
should do to me, some were saying “lets kill him and let
him die” while others were saying “we still need him to take
us to where ewa is” the argument continues until someone
arrived whom I presumed to be chief badero. They started
hailing him “baba o” owo meji fun eyan kan” and other street
slangs like that. He ranted at them to keep quiet and there
was a perfect silence. he scolded them to show his
displease about the death of dija. He later called the name
of a guy (waspa) whom I presumed to have shot Dija. He
asked him why he shot the innocent girl. While he was
trying to defend himself the arguments continued until
chief badero calmed them into silence again. He told them
that they should forget about what had happened and
deliberate on what to do next. He suggested that 2 guys
should returned back to the scene and observe what

happened to dija’s corpse after their departure while he told
the rest “to find out from the guy where EWA was and
finish him thereafter”. I began to shiver and urinate as I
heard foot steps coming towards the door of the room
where I was kept.

I pretended to be sleeping as two guys entered the room.

They looked at me and said “e be like say the guy still dey sleep”. They walked out to tell chief badero that I was still

Moments later, they resumed their discussions.

as he left, I began to reason why I was risking my life for love and especially in the verge of death.


Am I really doing the right thing?, what if I die? Chai! Will EWA kill herself to join me? she will get another man for


All these thoughts were going in me when my phone began
to ring and I stopped thinking and remembered I was in it
already. My heart began to pound heavily as I heard
footsteps coming towards the room where I was staying
while the tone of my phone was increasing in volume. Door
opened and two of the guys entered, one of them with a
broad voice pulled up my head while the other guy stood at
the door, I still pretended to be unconscious but he gave
me a hot slap and I became active. I looked at him and
saw my phone with
him. The phone began to ring again, he pulled out his gun from his pocket, pointed it on my head and said “if you act
funny or cry for help on phone, I will blast your head.

Understood?”. I nodded in response. He pressed the green
button on my phone.

He put on it loud-speaker and placed the phone on my ear.
ME: hello
CALLER: hi dear, how are you?
ME:**recognised the caller** I’m fine. How are you doing?
Ewa: I’m fine, its me ewa, just want to know if you are fine
ME: *****raised eyebrows and saw gun pointing at me,
started stammering**** s.. Su.. sure I’m fine and you?
Ewa: ayoola are you okay?
ME: ***faked laugh!!!. Yes I am
Ewa: you sounds strange sha… Anyway, just checking on
A guy silently whispered to my ear that I should ask her
where she was. ******still pointing Gun on my head********
Me: *****shocked***** so where are you at the moment?
Ewa: I’m with grandma now
ME: oh! Yea
Ewa: why are you asking again? I think I told you that I was
ME: nothing just want to be sure
Ewa: you sound strange sha… Anyway, was just checking
on you. Bye
ME: *****i was so happy as she concluded because my
heart was beating faster as she was speaking so that she
won’t go and mention “my grandma”******love you too. Bye.
**hanged up***.
The guy looked at me and asked. Which grandma was she
talking about?
. I replied that “she told me
Some couple of weeks ago that she was travelling to visit
her grandma and since then we’ve not met to talk about it.
That’s all sir.”
The guy lowered his gun and put it back into his pocket and
gave my phone to the other guy. Both of them came closer
to me and said. “Where is ewa?”.
ME: sir, I don’t know where she is sir. She just said she
was with grandma and I don’t know which grandma she
was talking about but I believe she should be talking about
her grandma
GUY 1: how is it possible for her to tell you she was
travelling without telling you where exactly she was going
GUY 2: leave am, e be like say e wan die
ME: ***scared** I don’t want to die sir. Ewa isn’t with me
GUY 1: ***landed a slap on my left cheek “gbosa”.
ME: **eyes turning** please sir plssss
GUY 2: that one no go work, let me blast one of his legs,
out gun and pointed it at my right leg**
ME: please sirrrrrr, I will talk sir
GuY1: ok, we are listening
ME: ****breathing heavily*** Ewa is in lagos sir
GUY 2:. You are still lieing abi? ***re-corked his gun
and pointed it at my kneel****
ME: I’m serious sir, I’m not lieing sir.
**** a door on the outside made an opening sound and
footsteps and voices of 2 guys was heard. Guy2 looked at
guy 1 and said “e be like na waspa be dat, make we go hear
the feedback of where dem go. They both looked at me and
one of them told me “we will be back”. They walked out of
the room to join others. Chief Badero asked the 2 guys who
just entered, “how far with your outing?, what were your
GUY 1: no traces of the lady ooo, we couldn’t find her
corpse But the blood was still on the road.
GUY 2: we asked the passer’s by and we were told she
might have been rushed to mortuary. But I guessed she
might have been dumped in the bush.
Guy 1. No one could give us the exact information about
GuY2 : and the time is past 10pm so we decided to come
back home and give you feedback baba
Chief Badero: no problem. Tomorrow morning, we will go to
the nearby hospitals and mortuary to find out if anyone had
brought a wounded or dead body the previous night.
Guy 1: ok baba.
Chief Badero: let’s get back to the guy and find out about
where ewa is to know what our next plan will be…..

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