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The Only Beautiful Girl In My Area  - Season 1 - Episode 35
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We got outside of the house and I saw a black toyota
camry parked right infront of my house , the tinted glass
door was closed but I could see clearly that people were
inside it because the inner light was on. We walk passed through the car and was heading towards korogboji estate.

We walked few distance from home along a bushy path
which was likely to be a developing site. After few minutes
of Walking that we have not gotten bike, we got to a spot
along a bushy path not too far from the express leading to
muwo that dija suddenly stopped.

ME: dear, what’s wrong?
Dija: ***panting*****, look at the front
ME: ***i raised up my head and saw a car standing few
meters away from us**** its a car, any problem
with it?
Dija: okay o
We continued walking in the dark, as we got closer, I
noticed the car was the same I saw in front of my house
some minutes ago
ME: *****chaiii, I don die today********
The four doors of the toyota camry was opened at once
and 6 hefty guys came down from it and was walking
towards us.
ME: dija, what do we do now? **shielvering***
Dija: I don’t know either *****panting****
we walked to the front of the
car bonnet and very close to the bush as the guys were
approaching us.
Me: **whispers*** don’t worry, just be calm
Dija: **stammering** ok dear
The 6 hefty guys came closer to our standing position and
they formed a semi-circle around dija and I.

GUY 1: ayoola, so you can dear us***harsh
GUY 2: **flips up his shirt and removed gun from his
waist and
pointed it towards me*** where is Ewa?
ME: *** shivering and passed a urine** she should be at
home sir
GUY 3:** touched guy 2 on the hand and pulled down
his hand*** guy hide that thing, this place is too dangerous
to shoot
Dija: please spare our lives ******shilvering******
GUY 4: shut up you s--t!!, tell him to realise our property in
his custody that he should stop f-----g with the devil, else
I’m going to kill both of you right here.
Dija: ***chaiii, I don die today. I’m sorry sir
A black venxa Jeep speedily drove to the spot and Chief
Badero ***came out from the back door of the car, silence
and reserved…. All the guys started hailing “baba o, oga
oga (boss of bosses) etc…
Chief Badero: guys calm down. Let’s face the main
business of the day.
**walked closer to me****, young man, where is Ewa?
ME: **stammering**
Chief badero:*** laughed and clapped***. So
you flee her out and thought we won’t know where she is?.
Where is my Ewa?
Dija: ***pulled closer to me and our shoulders
was in contact*** please sir
Me: I don’t know where she is
GUY 2: you are too stubborn ***pulled out his gun and
interrupted before
I finished talking*** since you can’t talk then you are
Dija: ** stretched out both hands and appealing***
Please don’t do that plssssss.
GUY 2: raised up his hand containing the gun and pointed it
at me
ME: ****closed my eyes and silently praying to God for
forgiveness with the last hot urine coming out of my
d!cktionary*** “Kauuuuuh”, guy 2 pulled the trigger, dija
jumped to my front at exactly the same time before the
trigger and the
bullet hit her. Dija fell down on her chest instantly and pool
of blood was gushing out from underneath her shirt. I
freeze instantly and 3 of the other guys had their mouth
wide open at
that moment and GUY 5 was wailing seriously.
Chief badero: why did you kill her?, why, why, why,
GUY 2: **guilty and sad face** baba, it was an accident, I
swear I don’t know how it happened.
GUY 3 : ***wailing too*** but why did you shoot in the first
Chief Badero : ********angry mode****** if you know that
you are not capable enough for this task it is better you let
me pay you off and you should back out, how would you
stoop so low to even attempt shooting him when the task
is not over. We don’t know where ewa is yet, this guy is the
only person left to Get her for us. we still need him alive.
******enterred his car and angrily zoomed off******
GUY 1: you see say you don vex baba, guys let’s leave here
before we are caught. Two of the guys slapped me and
pushed me into the boot of their car and jammed the door.
One of the guys drove the car while the remaining 5
entered to the back leaving Dija in her pool of blood.
Not up to 5mins of driving, we got to the house, I was
dragged out from the boot and One of the guys gave me a
heavy punch and I went unconscious.

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