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The Only Beautiful Girl In My Area  - Season 1 - Episode 34
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Me: how are you?
Dija: I’m good and you?
Me: I’m fine. You are looking good. I like the red
lips****touching her lips***
Dija: thanks for the compliment.
Me: you are welcome. What should I offer you?
Dija: I’m ok for now.
Me: are you sure?
Dija: yeah. so what’s up with you and ewa?, Is she
with your grandma?
ME: ***smiled***. Why did you asked?
Dija: **flirty smile**, nothing, I heard in your
conversation about grandma
ME: lool. Something like dat.
Dija: so are you guys in love with each other for
ME: **raised eye brow***. My love for her is true
which I can’t deny but I don’t know about her…..
But I think its complicated.
Dija: hmmmmmm. Indeed. So you like her?
ME: **na wetin be all this questions sef*** yeah, i
Think I’m into her
Dija: hmmm, **rolling and biting her lips*** so
what attracted you to her?
ME: her b0s0ms and booty
Dija: bad boy, exactly what I heard about you.
ME: **smiled** really? By who?
Dija: **patted me on the laps, never mind,
remember I told you the last time we met.
ME: yeah its true
Dija: I heard you always love to dig it from
behind, how true is that?
ME: **laughed*** dig what?
Dija: **smiled** never mind. ***dija’s phone
“Hello, where are you. I’m with comrade ayoola.
Ok”. Hanged up.

ME: who was that?
Dija: a friend of mine that I informed that I would
be coming here to visit you.
ME: ***rolled eyebrow*** ok,
Dija pulled closer to me and hugged me. I was

shocked and excited but I reciprocated. We held
each other for about 35seconds my hand was on
her bare back that was strapless while her
compressed oranges was pressing on my chest. I
gained erection instantly and I guessed she
noticed it as the d!cktionary head was hitting her
tummy like a pin. She laughed and whispered into
my hear “I felt something hitting my abdomen,
what is on your mind?”. I replied “its complicated”.
She said “yes, I know it must be complicated, no
one dare feel my asset as you did and resist
complications”. We both laughed. She released
me and stood at the edge of the bed while I was
still sitting on the bed. dija turned her back to me,
bent forward and twerking infront of me in an
Intimate dance style for like 50 seconds. My
erection was getting obvious as my d!cktionary
was shooting out in my pant trousers. She turned
around, saw it and smiled. She then pull up her
gown to reveal her tiny red G’string. The pant
divided her 455 into two revealing the actual
shape of the fresh booty. She leaned forward,
putting her two hands on her kneels while I was
getting uncomfortable on the bed. and
she said “ayoola, let me feel what I was told you
knew how todo best”
I stood up from the bed and stood in front of
Dija. I removed my belt, pulled down my trouser
and boxer to my kneel. dija grabbed my erected
d!cktionary and stroked it for few seconds until
our heads were getting closer and finally, she
locked her lips up in my lips and we started
kissing as she was still busy stroking my
d!cktionary. She was stroking my d!cktionary and
was rubbing the tip of the d!cktionary with my
pre-c-m. She continued kissing me as she was
removing my shirt at the same time. She kissed
me down to my tips and sU-Ck my dry tips for few
minutes before she finally buried her mouth on
my monster d!cktionary. She s----d the
d!cktionary as if she was eating banana, she was
so focused on the weight and the thickness as she
would always exclaim ” wao! Ayoola your D--K is
f-----g big” I was so lost in mood as I held her
head for deeper penetration. At a time, she
removed her mouth from my d!cktionary, turned
her fat a-s to me and bent down facing me with
her as$, i pulled her G-string aside with one hand
and use the other to rub her c--t with the tip of my
d!cktionary gradually before I forced my
d!cktionary into her in a canine style. Waoh! Dija
was super wet. I held her waist as I was pounding
inside of her. she was m0an!ng and screaming
louder. I leaned forward and inserted my hands
into her gown and brought out her oranges. I
sq££zed them as I was pounding harder, I
stopped moving at a point and dija was the one
doing the movement. We fuccked for 30minutes
but I have not yet cummed, she was already
getting tired and hurted in her p---y because her
c-m have dried up. I removed my d!cktionary,
and I lubricated it and continued bleeping until
dija’s phone rang.

ME: ***still pounding her K---y-Cat from
who is that?
Dija: **m0an!ng softly*** its my friend that called
me the other time, she said she is at my house
and have been waiting for me for about
30minutes ago
ME: ***m0ans and still pounding*** OMG, not
that I’m still
enjoying your pusssy.
Dija: **pulled off her Bottom and making my
d!cktionary out of her
hole and she stood up.*** ayoola let’s do this
some other times
Me: but I would be having stomach pain
Dija: don’t worry you won’t.
Me ********frowned face*************
She called her friend back to tell her to pick the
key from the door and enter. they both discussed
on other few things before she hanged up.
It was around 7:45pm. Dija got dressed and was
set to leave but wanted me to accompany her.
I left the room with dija. On getting to the door, I
remembered that there was nothing to eat for the
night so I turned back to pick money to buy food
down the street.

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