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The Only Beautiful Girl In My Area  - Season 1 - Episode 33
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Four days have passed after the decision of
fleeing EWA out of agbara to Ibadan and my
decision was still very intact. I have contacted my
grandma that my girlfriend was coming to stay
with her for the main time. I have gotten a new
phone for her and i have equally provided her
with necessary descriptions to get to my
grandma’s place though the house was straight
forward. I gave ewa #20,000 to manage for her
stay with grandma. she has smuggled her
luggages out of her house on the previous day of
the sunday she was to travel. She dressed casually
as if she was going to get something in the main
road and that was how she travelled.
I was in my office on monday afternoon when
DIJA walked into my office.
Dija: comrade what’s up
Me: I’m good
Dija: I came to say hi
Me: oh! Thanks dear
Dija: and what have you done about the threats?
Me: nothing for now
Dija: I have a gift for you (she dipped her hand
inside her crossed bag and brought out a black
Me: (laughs) underwear?
Dija: yes, but not an ordinary underwear. It is a
bullet proof underwear. My uncle that is an army
in the u.s sent me some protection items with
contains two bullet proof underwear and because
you have discussed your challenges with me
that’s why I’ve brought you this as a gift to protect
you from bullet penetration.
Me: (I became nervous as she was speaking so I
collected it from her to feel the texture and it was
too obvious that it wasn’t an ordinary underwear)

whao! Thank you so much dear….
Dija: you are welcome
Me: smiles
Dija: I wish to know your house. Can I?
Me: why not? When do you intend to do that?
Dija: what are your plans after work today?
Me: I’m going home immediately
Dija: maybe we should be going together or what
do you think?
Me: no qualms.
uncle kayode entered few minutes after the
discussion while she left.
Uncle kayode: ayor bawoni?
Me: mo wapa sir
Uncle kayode: richard informed me that the lady
have travelled yesterday.
Me: yes sir.
Uncle kayode: I’ve already gotten a fictitious
name for her
Me: thank you sir
Uncle richard: don’t worry all will be well okay!.
Me: okay sir….

He left my office and I was so anxious for the day
to be over on time so that I could go home and
wear my bullet proof underwear.
In the evening at around 5:00pm every students
were coming in to my office to sign-out as they
were all through for the day. Dija who has
promised me earlier the day to follow me home
was also around and ready to leave with me. I
signed out,closed my office and was set to leave
when my phone started ringing. I checked the
caller but it was a strange number. I picked the

Me: hello, who am I speaking with please?
Ewa: hi, it’s me ewa…. I wanted to tell you that
I’ve gotten to grandma’s place .
Me: and you cannot call me.
Ewa: I’ve just gotten a new sim and why can’t you
call grandma?
Me: I tried her number several times yesterday
before I slept but wasn’t going through and I’ve
even tried it today and it’s the same story
Ewa: oh! Yes her number has been off since
yesterday because there was no light and nobody
to start the generator for her
Me: alright dear. Hope you are good sha?
Ewa: yes! Please be careful o
Me: okay love
Ewa: I love you
Me: I love you too.
Dija and I were making a walk out of the company
when I was on call and we were already at the
main road before the call ended. We took a bike
at the main road and went together to my house.

As we entered the room, dija sat on the bed while
i sat very close to her.

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