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The Only Beautiful Girl In My Area  - Season 1 - Episode 28
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We strolled the street for 5mins, holding each
other’s hands before we saw a bike. Ewa sat down
first while I sat down behind her. I could feel the
softness of her moderately fat a-s on my d--k as
the bike gallops. The bike man got to uncle
richard’s house in about 3mins after. I paid the
bike man as I went into the house with ewa.
As I entered, I saw a young man sitting on the bed
with uncle richard. I prostrated to greet the man
and uncle richard while Ewa knelt down. uncle
richard introduced the man as the I.T students
Uncle richard: that’s the I.T students coordinator
Ayoola and ewa: (I prostrated while she knelt
down as we both chorused good evening sir)
Man: good evening dear. (Turned to uncle richard)
richard is this ayoola? The resemblance is just too
Uncle richard: why won’t he resemble me when
he is my blood (story continues how we are
Ewa: (faced uncle richard) thanks for the other
day sir
Uncle richard: I can’t remember doing anything. I
can’t even remember where we met
Ewa: I was the girl that ayoola call you on her
behalf on the day of screening
Uncle richard: oh! NSTL0051 right?
Ewa: yes sir.
Uncle richard: oh! You are highly welcome. Abi
you are my brother’s (*winks at me)
Ewa: (smiled) yes sir
Uncle richard: wao! Nice one. Ayor chop knuckle.
“Omu oju lor soja”
We all laughed it out….
Man: (smiles) so ayor, I want to sample your
opinion on something.

Me: okay sir.
Man: you know all I.T students should be
resuming tomorrow and as the I.T students
coordinator I have the authority to appoint one
of the I.T students as the I.T students leader so I
want to know if you are interested in being the I.T
students leader
Me: what are the works of the I.T students leader,
the benefits and the criteria for choosing the
leader sir
Man: good! I love that question, as the I.T
students leader, your work is to supervise other
students in there respective departments, you
would have your personal office at the quality
control department where students would be
coming to meet you: (1) to sign the time book as
they come-in in the morning and leave in the
evening, (2) to lodge complain on anything. you
would get through me (the coordinator) to the
management. About the benefits: there are lots of
benefits but the one I would expose you to for
now is about the salary but you would get to
know about other attaching benefits later. Your
salary would be x5 that of other I.T students.#
And about how they are being selected.
Everything in nestle is politics, the opportunity
that you are having now is because of your uncle
(richard) that is fully in the system. But the normal
criteria was that, any student that score the
highest mark in the aptitude test should be made
the student’s leader
Me: thank You so much sir
Man: so I would announce you tomorrow to other
I.T students. Make sure you look responsible in
your dressing.
Me: okay sir……
As we were speaking, a lady that has being in the
kitchen before I came, just came out holding a
plate containing a mountain of rice.
Lady: uncle ayor, this is your food.
Me: thanks o, aunty
Uncle richard: (introduction) ayor, meet the lady
that has been taking care of me since I’ve being in
agbara. Her name is shalewa. The reason why you
have not been seeing her was that she traveled
Me: (for my mind I was like “and this lady won’t
know say uncle richard don marry with 4 kids o,
this life sha”) okay sir,
Uncle richard: do you like her?
Me: yes sir. Even if I didn’t like her before, now
that she has given me food I must like her.
(Everybody laughs)
I ate the food with ewa as she stares at me at
intervals with flirty smiles…
At 9:00pm after the food, I informed uncle richard
that I would be going home. He told me he was
tired and won’t be able to take me home but gave
me 500 and gave Ewa #1000 for transport. We left
uncle richards house and we boarded bike.
As were going on the bike, I told ewa that she was
going to pass the night with me in my new house
being my face day and the first day of our
relationship. She declined at first but later agreed
after much persuasion…

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