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The Only Beautiful Girl In My Area  - Season 1 - Episode 26
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The bus that I’ve earlier underrated moves so fast
that we got to abeokuta to pack things and
returned to agbara at around 3:30pm.
Immediately our bus got to agbara, I took the bus
straight to my new apartment to offload the items
without even branching at uncle richard’s house.
As the bus left and I was thinking how I would set
the room. I got a call from Ewa
Ewa: oga ooo… Not even a flash
Me: mabinu. I told you I was traveling now?
Ewa: oh! Yes, you told me you wanted to go and
pack your things in abeokuta
Me: yes now. I’m just entering now self. As I was
thinking of calling you, that was when your call
Ewa: so have you packed the things?
Me: yes, I’m even looking for someone that would
help me to set my room. Can you come over?
Ewa: is it that same house on my street?
Me: sure now
Ewa: okay I’m coming
Me: thanks dear (hanged up)
I was very happy to hear that ewa would help me
with the settings of the room as it would also be a
great opportunity for me to express my feelings
to her.
I started hanging the curtains as I awaits ewa.
After about 15mins, she called to tell me she was
at the front of the house that I should come out
to pick her. I quickly left what I was doing and
rushed outside…behold! A beautiful ewa. I was
proud to cross to the other side of the road to
pick her. I held one of her hands and we were
laughing as we entered.
I noticed a group of guys sitting opposite my new

house was looking at both of us and were jealous
but I was like “ko Nan aye”.
As we entered I started a conversation with
Me: baby, you are looking more beautiful than the
ewa that I used to know.
Ewa: it’s God ooo
Me: I want to take a permission. Would you grant
Ewa: and what is the permission?
Me: just permit me to kiss your lips.
Ewa: (flirty smile) you are funny
I also smiled as I leaned forward in a slow motion
to kiss her and behold, there was no resistance. I
closed my eyes and started kissing her slowly until
it became more passionate. My hands which I was
formally using to rub her back was extended to
her a-s. I was smooching her a-s as the kiss was
still going on. Shortly after, she opened her eyes
and said “ayoola, I love you”. My d--k responded
as I heard that statement.
Ewa: ayoola, I love you
Me: (d--k responded) Ewa you know I love you too
and I would always love you.
Ewa: (held my hand) but ayoola, I’m afraid. Mr.
Badero can be very dangerous. I don’t want him
to harm you.
Me: baby, be rest assured that nothing will
happen to me. You can’t be attached to him
forever. Let’s fight it ones and for all.
Ewa: (hugged me and kissed me) thank you dear.
She joined me in arranging the room and at
around 7:00pm we were through.
I lied down on my bed so tired and she was also
lying down beside me as I was caressing her hair
when a call entered my phone, I checked the
screen and it was a call from uncle richard.
Uncle Richard: hello ayor
Me: hello sir
Uncle Richard: where are you now?
Me: I’m already in agbara. I wanted to set the
things before I would be coming down to your
Uncle Richard: okay, ki lo maje?
Me: (che he want dey cook for me?) Rice is okay
Uncle Richard: okay, come on time because I want
you to come and meet someone.
Me: Okay sir!
I hanged up and faced Ewa to inform her that I
want to be on my way to uncle richard’s house
Me: baby, I want to be on my way to uncle
richard’s house.
Ewa: would you now leave only me at home?
Me: if you wish to follow me there is no problem.
Ewa: I will follow you.
I was dressed in a blue polo ralph, jean trouser
with a red nike cap and on a NIKE palm slippers
and we left home for uncle richard’s house.

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