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The Only Beautiful Girl In My Area  - Season 1 - Episode 25
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I got home at around 3pm. I met my mum in the
sitting room watching movie on africa Magic
yoruba. I greeted her and sat down beside her to
have some gist with her.
Mum: oko mummy, you have lean o
Me: abi now na book o
Mum: I see… So when are you resuming at nestle
Me: i should resume on monday
Mum: I’m so happy. Atleast you would relieve me
of some expenses for the main time
Me: smile… Yes now
Mum: I have spoken with a man that has “bus
pickup” to help us in packing your things and he
said he would be coming around 6:00am
Me: (sad face) but mummy, let’s use ur car now,
and I would drive it
Mum: no, my car cannot accommodate all your
Me: it will…
Mum: no…. Let the man carry you
As we were speaking, I was seriously hungry and I
told my mum.
Me: what is in the kitchen that somebody can eat?
I’m seriously hungry
Mum: nothing is there o (smiling)
I just stood up, headed straight to the kitchen to
see if I could get anything to munch.
*******There is no way you would get to my
mum’s kitchen and won’t get something to eat “lai
As I got to the kitchen I saw two pots separately
on the two phases of the gas stoves, I opened the
first pot, and I found rice and beans that had
been cooked since morning which was still
warming, I opened the second pot which
contained stew and chicken. I dished the rice and
beans with stew in a flat plate and stepped it

down with a chewed tabled water. I took the food
to the sitting room to eat and gist along with my
It wasn’t my attitude to chill out whenever I travel
home like that, I would prefer to stay indoor and
be reserved because I don’t want people to be
asking me silly questions like “bawo ni school?
Ekaabo” and besides all my friends have gained
admission and have gone to school and nobody
to chill with. “Na mind ur business area” we dey
It was on sunday morning, I’ve woken up at
around 5:00am to freshen up and to await the
driver that would carry me to abeokuta. My mum
in the other hand was getting set for church. At
around 5:49am someone knocked on our door
shouting good morning from outside. I peeped
through the curtain of the window leading to the
frontage of the house and I saw the bus pickup. I
already knew it was the man. I opened the door
and asked him to seat down on the sofa for me to
go and call my mum.
Mummy! Mummy!! I shouted
Mum: se ko si?
Me: the man is around.
Mum: allow him to seat down in the sitting room
and you should come.
I rushed inside my mums room to see what she
has to tell me.
Mum: (she handed over one thousand naira notes
to me and instructed me to count) count it
Me: (I counted!) #20,000 ma
Mum: you should use that for your upkeep till you
collect salary.
Me: (prostrated) thank you ma.
Mum: I’ve already paid the driver. Don’t delay him
Me: I’m already set ma. I stood up from her bed
and was set to go out.
Mum: call me and update me as it’s going. Extend
my greetings to richard and thanking him for
taking care of you for me
Me: okay ma
I went to the sitting room with my bag to meet
the man and informed him to let’s be on our way.
We both entered to the front and the car

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