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The Only Beautiful Girl In My Area  - Season 1 - Episode 24
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I lost appetites for the night and could not eat. I
slept on that night without food but thinking in a
diverse of ways…
The following morning, Ewa was the first person
to call me. I started doubting if I should respond
to the call or not. #this girl again? What is she
calling me for after she has told her man friend
about me?. She called for about 7times, followed
by a text message begging me to pick before I
picked it
Ewa: ayoola, so you are ignoring my calls
Me: you offended me
Ewa: me? What did I do?
Me: how would you give my number to your man
friend to start threatening me?
Ewa: ah! Ayoola, I didn’t know how he got to know
your number. I told you on that day that one of
his spy is probably seeing us as we were sitted…
Me: enh! Can’t you sit down with a guy again?
Ewa: he read all our conversations on my phone
Me: ah! That means you are being careless. And
you said you don’t know how he got to know my
number. See, ewa I would date you and he should
come and do anything that he wants to do. Ewa I
love you so much and no threat can stop me from
loving you, not even your so called man friend.
And by the way, what’s his name?
Ewa: people call him. Mr badero.
Me: I think that name sounds familiar. Is it the
same chief badero that parades thugs here and
Ewa: I think so
Me: but what are you doing with such man now?.
You are a very beautiful girl and I don’t expect
you to be with such man. He is too rough.

Ewa: ayoola, please I don’t want any harm for
you. Please I’ve taken my own fate lemme just be
Me: Can I ask you a question?
Ewa: go on
Me: do you believe that there is no man that is
powerful than God?
Ewa: yes sure. Ayoola, not that I don’t like you, I
like everything about you but I don’t want
anything to harm you because mr. Badero can be
so dangerous .
Me: this is a fight for love and I would fight it to
the latter. Just give me the support. Are you also
resuming on monday?
Ewa: yes…. Ayoola, sha be careful
We chatted about other things before she hanged
By now, I have become stronger than I was
before because of I’m beginning to love ewa
passionately. Somebody that I have taken much
of my times to notice, and finally God has brought
her to me and somebody would now be forming
“jackie chan” on top am….
I’ve already called my mum since tuesday that
I’ve received message to resume work and she
has fixed sunday to go and pack my things from
abeokuta to agbara and that I should get and
apartment not more than #50,000 so I started
hunting for an apartment very close to ewa’s
“Wow I would now have a full privacy”
It is so easy to get an apartment at agbara so far
you have your cash. Well, on thursday I got an
apartment on the same street with ewa but about
9polls away from her house. I paid painters to
paint it for me and the room was ready before
I freshened up after the breakfast and I was set
********I have informed uncle richard earlier
about the reason for renting an apartment and
the reason I gave him was that I have not packed
from my house in abk, so I need to pack to agbara
since I’m just on I.T and I’ve not finshed school
there is no reason for packing back home and
pack out again after a year. Uncle richard was
sensible enough to my plights and he gave me the
chance to stay alone and also promised to help
me with anything that I might be lacking in terms
or money, cloths and food for the whole
He gave me #10,000 for transport or if I still have
some things to buy or get for my new house. I
thanked him and I left….

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