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The Only Beautiful Girl In My Area  - Season 1 - Episode 23
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.I called Ewa in the night and we discussed for
about 30minutes on phone until my recharge
card was exhausted and we continued with the
conversations on whatsapp. I was seriously loving
Ewa with great passion and I suspected she was
interested in me too. I asked her out despite all
she told me and she was like “what!” Ayoola,
please don’t try it because it is not as easy as you
think. The only reason she gave me for not
accepting was that she don’t want trouble for me.
The conversation continues like that till we bid
each other goodnight.
.Nothing really eventful happened on the
following day until on friday evening that tunmise
called me, I was shocked and surprised by seeing
her calls,
Tunmise: Hello dear
Me: Hi
Tunmise: I guess uncle rasheed is back right?
Me: you guess? Oh no, he is not back.
Tunmise: is he not coming again?
Me: I don’t think so
Tunmise: oooooooooh, wo, me I would be coming
with a cab and with one of my friends to come
and pack that stuff
Me: and which stuffs are you talking about?
Tunmise: those items now
Me: oh! Those items. That is to show that you
value material things more than my well-being. It
is exactly 5days now that I’ve received your calls
last on my phone only to call me today and start
asking me about items.
Tunmise: and did you call me too?
Me: of course I didn’t and I won’t because God
has revealed your purposes to me the last time
you came to my house. Despite that I sat you

down to explain to you about my encounter with
oyin, how I so much loved and adored her and
she finally turned out to be a betrayer, you can
still be so heartless as to come to my life and
want to leave a very sad memories like oyin did.
Tunmise: ayoola, I don’t think I understand what
you are saying. Can you just shed more beams of
light to it? Please come out of your parables.
Me: wao! How nice. Well, I saw all your chats with
your stupid friend about how you just want to use
ayoola and dump him, how you girls have been
doing to other guys ever since you have
experienced heartbreak, how she advised you not
to have sex with me.
Tunmise: aaaaaaah! (Laughs) No now, I can
Me: safe me your explanations for all I care
(hanged up)
.I didn’t even notice that a call was waiting while I
was online with tunmise until I hanged up to see
4missed calls all from EWA.
.As I was about to call her back, another call which
was from EWA entered and with excitement I
Me: hello beauty
Strange voice: young man, I have heard enough
about you, how you are disturbing my own wife
EWA “here and there”. It is better you keep off or
else… Remember you can run but you cannot
hide, and there are people watching your
moves…. Don’t waste your life for your parents
Me: (I lost all livers) my mouth became sour
immediately, my voice has already become shaky
and couldn’t give any reply than “okay sir”)
Strange caller: better take to the warning
Me: okay sir! (Shaky voice) ***hanged up****
.There was nobody at home, uncle richard and
uncle jayjay have already gone to work. Suddenly,
my phone rang again. I became more tensed and
was very afraid even to near the phone, thinking
it was the man again. After the third ring, I
decided to move near the phone to see the caller
and it was(RASHEED on the line). I paused my
breathe to recover from tension before I pick his
call because I didn’t want him to ask me what the
problem is. But, at last I picked
Rasheed: you don get money now you no dey pick
call on time again
Me: (steady breath) not that, I’m kind of…
Rasheed: weytin do your voice like this? You dey
on top hole?
Me: (chai! This rasheed is too sensitive sef, how e
take know now) No!
Rasheed: wetin com do you?
Me: I would tell you later. Rasheed please let me
call you back. (I hanged up on rasheed)
.I was so tensed that if they test my blood
pressure at the moment it would be very high.
The reason why I was afraid wasn’t because of
the strange voice but how he got to know about
me. could it be ewa that tell him?

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