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The Only Beautiful Girl In My Area  - Season 1 - Episode 22
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Me: can you please tell me more about yourself?
Ewa: Do you want to interview me too?
Me: (smile) oh no! Just to know little about you.
Ewa: well, my name is EWATOMI, I did my ND in
YABATECH, I’m from a family of two, my brother
and I. Our parents died in a drastic motor
accident since I was 8years old and all my
responsibilities are being taken care of by my
brother. He engaged himself in casual works to
ensure he offer me education. Though, he could
not go to school because of the inability to
sponsor himself alongside with me so he decided
to send me because he doesn’t want to see her
only sister being harassed by men.
Me: eeyah! I’m very sorry, I would love to meet
your brother. He is a brother indeed.
Ewatomi: thank you. (Continues) I studied food
science and technology from yabatech so what
else do you want to know about me?
Me: hmmmmm your relationship status and your
religious view.
Ewa: I’m a christian. About relationship, I would
say I’m not into any relationship. Not that I don’t
have someone I’m dating but it’s a story for
another day. What I just know is that I’ve not
experienced love in my entire life so I don’t
believe it exists. I’m only dating the man for help
because, lately my brother was encountering a lot
of financial crisis and hardship so there were no
one to help and I don’t want to drop out so I just
had to do it.
Me: sighs! That’s pathetic. So now that you have
found a job that can actually sponsor the rest of

your education if you can save, would you leave
the man or you would continue dating him
Ewa: ah! Uncle!, sorry ayoola, leaving him can be
very dangerous because he is a very delicate man,
infact, he has many boys working for him.
Me: really? But which work is he doing for a living?
Ewatomi: he is into land snatching and the likes
Me: wao!
Ewatomi: infact, he doesn’t even want to see any
other guy with me. He even said any guy that near
me is playing with death. It is now exactly 6 guys
now that he has sent away from me. It took only
God’s intervention he would have kill the last one
Me: (shocked) so you are telling me now not to be
too clingy to you.
Ewatomi: not that, but I just need to tell you all
this so that it won’t be strange to you when it
started happening. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not
saying we are dating but if he notice too much
closeness it might lead to another thing for you.
Me: but how would he know?
Ewatomi : I don’t know either, but all I know for a
fact is that he would definitely find out. Even as
we speak. I’m suspecting one of his spy is seeing
As she was speaking, my phone rang, I checked
the caller and it was uncle richard calling.
Me: hello sir
Uncle richard: where are you?
Me: I’m at the cafeteria
Uncle richard: okay good, the morning I gave you
this morning how much does it remain with you?
Me: #500.00 sir
Uncle richard: ok, I just want to be sure if you still
have money that can take you home. I would be
waiting for compilation of screening results and
some other things, maybe you should be going
home if you know you can’t wait, but if you can
wait no problem. If jayjay is not at home just take
key from where we used to keep it.
Me: ok sir (hanged up)
Ewa: (faced me) what happened?
Me: uncle Richard said I should be going home
and that he would still be waiting for some things
in the factory.
As I dropped the phone, I began to stare at ewa
and started wondering what money would turn
the whole world into. Ewa’s story is very pathetic
and needs a serious carefulness and at the same
time, the girl is very beautiful and irresistible
coupled with a good sense of humor. With the
way she talks, she is already fed up with the man
and all she needs is a very strong man that can
fight the battle for her once and for all. AYOOLA,
BATTLE? Should I be the strong man? What if I die
in the process?. Chai, and life no con get duplicate
now. Remembering that the man has many boys
working for him. I was so deep in thinking when
ewa tapped me
Ewa: what are you thinking?
Me: nothing, just trying to brainstorm
Ewa: (smile) it is well… I want to start going home.
We stood up and walked to the main road
together. We picked a separate bikes as we go to
our respective houses….

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