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The Only Beautiful Girl In My Area  - Season 1 - Episode 21
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We were all directed to form a file at the door of
the interview room and they were calling us in
one after the other according to our NSTL
number.. Ewatomi was the second to be
interviewed in our group because the NSTL
number of our Group ranges from
NSTL050-,NSTL070 and her own number is
NSTL051. My own number was NSTL067 so I need
to exercise much patience.
After about 5-6mins that ewatomi has entered the
room, she came out with a smiling face and what
happened in the room was obvious to everybody
that her interview was a success. She stayed by
me on the line to gist me how it goes
Ewa: thank God you asked me that question
Me: which of the questions?
Ewa: that armed rubber, fire and lion question
Me: were you asked?
Ewa: yes! That was the question that led to the
Me: whao! That’s lovely.
After Ewatomi’s interview, she still stayed with me
outside the interview door gisting me on how
uncle richard was fair on her and so on. We got
used to each other easily because she was a free
type with a great sense of humour. After about an
hour at the door, I was also called on for
interview. As I entered and closed the door, the
woman sitting with uncle richard in the room
started bombarding me with question as if I was
applying for NESTLE DIRECTOR. Well, I managed
to answer few of her questions because I’ve
practised majority of the questions with my uncle
in the morning. after the woman was through
with her questions, it was now uncle richard’s

turn to ask me question. He asked me to place a
cup of water upside down without the water
pouring down. I quickly remembered the hint he
gave me in the morning. I picked the glass cup of
water with my two hands,raised it up, placed it to
one side and, returned it back to it’s position and
the next thing was “Congratulations! You have
successfully passed the interview, expect message
for resumption date late today” you may leave.

I was super excited. Excitement was written all
over me as I stepped out. Ewa had sighted me
from where she was sitting to share from my
excitement. As I got to her, she asked,
EWA: why are you laughing?
Me: I have passed the interview. What was the
last thing they told said before you came out?
EWA: “you have successfully passed the interview,
expect message for resumption date late today!
Me: whao! That was what they told me too.
EWA: uncle, I’m so grateful
Me: oh sorry! I’ve not introduced myself to you.
EWA: smiles
Me: I’m not uncle, I am ayoola.
EWA: whao! Nice name
Me: do you wants to start your teases again? Do
you care for food jare? I want to visit the
EWA: I know! All ayo that I’ve known always love
Me: oops! Not that, check your time now. It is past
1 already and I’ve not taken anything since
Ewa: so you cannot fast
Me: of course I can, but I would have been
mindful of it since in the morning or even the
previous day.
Ewa: that’s true.
We were discussing as we head towards the
cafeteria. It was the normal cafeteria that I
normally use very close to the factory so they
have already taken my to be there customer.
Woman: costumer, there is no amala
Me: chai, how about iyan?
Woman: we have iyan. With which kind of soup?
Me: egusi and ogufe. (faced Ewa) do you also care
for iyan?
Ewa: yes
Me: (faced the woman) give us 7wraps of iyan and
dish the soup in two separate dishes.
Ewa: (faced me) so you are even popular here.
Since when have you being in agbara?
Me: I only came to submit my letter last week and
I waited to write the exam before I went back to
Ewa: so you have visited here for that few days
that you spent here?
Me: abi! No time now.
Ewa: men sha!
Me: Na so now.
As she was speaking, I was just giving her a lusty
look that even without asking her out she should
know what I mean.
The woman brought our foods and we started
We continued discussing as we eat.

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