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The Only Beautiful Girl In My Area  - Season 1 - Episode 20
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Ewatomi: honestly this question is brain tasking, I’m
Me: (smile) the answer is “lion” because a lion that has not
for 2years would have died…
Ewatomi: ooooh that’s true…
I gave her other tips because we started discussing other
Me: (accessed her from her head to her toe)
Ewatomi: hope no problem
Me: I love your outfit
Ewatomi: (blushes) thank you, you are not bad too.

Me: really?
Ewatomi: stop pretending as if you don’t know.
Me: honestly I don’t know
Ewatomi: okay, lest I forget, lemme have your telephone
quantities so that I can call you when I’m through
Me: okay 08145**** you can flash me with your own
so that I would save it because I don’t pick strange

Ewatomi (dialing my number) is it ringing?
Me: sure (saved it and we continued our conversations)
when have you being in agbara?
Ewatomi: hummmm, let’s say one month ago sha
Me: really?, doing what?

Ewatomi: actually, I’m staying with a friend who works at a
food opposite evans main gate but the house is always
anytime she goes to work and that’s why I want to start
Me: can’t you go and visit your boyfriend when the house is
Ewatomi: I don’t feel like and besides (cuts…)
Me: besides what?
Ewatomi: never mind ***smiled***
We were still discussing when we noticed everybody was
to entrance of the interview room. I could sight from afar a
holding a white A-4 paper probably containing the names of

aspirants and their NSTL numbers. As we moved closer to
entrance, I could see clearly that the man was uncle
richard. He
was separating people into their various interview rooms.
He has
ensured that ewatomi and I have fall in the same interview
room. It was two interviewers per room “a man and a
and there were 20 aspirants for a room.

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