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The Only Beautiful Girl In My Area  - Season 1 - Episode 19
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Uncle richard has woken up since 5:30am and has woken
me up
too to hint me about how the interview would looks like.
started dramatizing in the room till around 6:30am before
asked me to go into the bathroom to take my bath first
which I
did. He later went into the bathroom to take his bath too.
jayjay in the other hand was still sleeping with his girlfriend
maybe he was on afternoon duty, because I didn’t even
to ask uncle richard if he is going to work or not. It was
7:15am before we leave home.
We drove in to the nestle gate at 7:30am and the place
already full of aspirants all on suit. “Chai, see corporate
dressings. Na so so suit we go dey do for here? E do ke”.
Beautiful girls and handsome guys are all hanging around
centre all “corporate”.
I stepped out of the car with my uncle. I was dressed in a
D&Gtrousers, blue shirt and a black jacket on a black flat
HAZZAN shoe. My uncle was also on corporate dressing.
As he
stepped out of the car, he went straight into the interview
with a file in his hand. All aspirants were just greeting him
morning sir, here and there” while he was just waving at
without reply. All eyes were on me because they sensed
uncle is one of the interviewers. I was standing by the car,
the car but backing other aspirants pressing my phone.
5mins of
standing that the interview had not started, everybody was
hanging around when someone tapped me from behind, I

turned to look who the person was and I can’t believe it
was the
same girl that I have been hunting to get “wetyn I dey find
sokoto don come my pocket o”. She engaged me in a
conversation and I was so pleased to give answers to every
bit of
her questions even the rhetorical ones.
Lady: I’m sorry, are you also here for the interview?

Me: sure and you? “Like I don’t know”
Lady: same here. Ermmh, sorry o, it’s like that man that
you here is one of the interviewers?
Me: yes he is….
Lady: oh! How nice. Is he ur dad?
Me: yes and No
Lady: uncle pls, how can you help me? I learnt this is the
delicate stage of applying for nestle work. “sq££zed face”
Me: how do you now think I can be of help?
Lady: I don’t know, just saying…
Me ***faced her*** excuse me please (picked out my phone
put a call through to uncle richard).
Lady: no problem
Me: (uncle richard picked the call and I placed it on
loudspeaker) hello sir
Uncle Richard: aburo kilo sele? The interview is about to
Me: there is a lady outside here that we were from the
school and the same department to be precise, we were
very close in the school but didn’t know she was also
applying to
nestle. She saw me with you when we arrived so she
me to help her
Uncle Richard: what is her NSTL number?
Me: (I faced her and silently asked so She gave me her
phone to
see it in the inbox)
Me: NSTL051
Uncle Richard: okay, oladapo adeola Ewatomi
Me: (she nodded) yes sir.
Uncle Richard: it’s okay, remember to tell her all I told you
Me: okay sir!

That was how we started our discussions. I quickly gave
her the
clues on how to close door like ” she shouldn’t face the
while closing” and a question like ” assuming there are
doors that leads to the survival of this company. One
armed rubbers that are ready to shoot at any sight, another
contains eruption of fire burning in a highly inflamed way
the last one contains 6lions that have not eaten for two
years. If
You must open one of these doors to escape this company
crashing out. Which of the doors would you open?

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