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The Only Beautiful Girl In My Area  - Season 1 - Episode 16
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I started squeezing her b-----s from inside her
bra, I was seriously rough handling her until she
was lost in mood also.
I leaned in to kiss her.
I put her down on my bed again, lying beside her.

I broke the kiss, and looked deeply into her eyes.
“You are simply perfect and lovely that no man
can resist”.
pulled her closer for another kiss.
This time, it was more passionate. i parted her lips
gently, as she allowed me to play with her tongue.
My hands wandered to her hips, holding it tight. I
stopped kissing her, as i positioned myself above
her, my legs either side of hers. My slender fingers
undid her buttons slowly. With each one which i
trail a kiss along her navel. She let out a soft
m0an,I pressed my laps on her that she could feel
me growing through my trouser . I got off the bed,
and took my clothes. She took off her clothes too,
still lying on the bed.
Once we were both nak3d, i crawled to her side
again, this time my hand searching between her
legs, kissing her, until i found her c--t. Her touches
drove me crazy. No one had ever touched me like
she did. I in the other hand rubbed her p---y
gently, allowing her to moisten.
She breathed deeply as she felt me moving slowly
down her body. She was lost in the mood and
have already closed her eyes. At a time, She
opened her eyes and watched me how I’m doing
the miracle . I slowly parted her p---y and began
to flick my tongue over it. It tasted so sweet and
she was just responding by holding my head. I

later moved my hands, using one hand to stroke
my d--k to make it stand, whilst the other still
played with her c--t.
She let out a heavy sigh. I looked at her. She held
my head and pulled me up so that we were face
to face. She kissed me, this time taking control,
and she could taste her juices on my lips. I
breathed in sharply, as she was already gone wild
in the mood and wrap her hands around my
heavy d--k, stroking it gently up and down in time
with our breathing. I pushed deeper into her
hands, and she was begging me for more # lol . She
moved down towards my hips, her small frame
kneeling beside me. I watched her tenderly.
“I’ve never done this before,” she told me, still
stroking the length of my heavy rod. I smiled and
told her to just go with whatever that I was feeling
She engulfed me in one, swift motion, licking the
head and tasting the pre-c-m leaking from it. Her
head and her hands moved together, stroking
and sU-Cking
It seemed like an eternity before I touched her on
the cheek. She was so wrapped up in pleasuring
me, I had lost myself entirely. I turned her over to
lie on her back, and fondled her b-----s, taking in
her stiff n-----s with my mouth, flicking it with my
tongue across them. I positioned myself between
her legs, stroking my c--k.
I lined up my big d!cktionary with her p*ssy, and
slowly pressed it in.
I had only just fitted the tip in, when she smiled.
“I want you all. Take it from me. Ayoola, take it
hard. Take it fast.” she begged.
I obliged. Hard and fast, i slammed into her hole.
She was super wet, her juice was just dripping on
my d--k, I felt a burst of ecstasy, felt her in the
whole of my body, she was just clench around me
as I go in deeper penetration. I kissed her,
silencing her screams of pleasure, of pain,
pumping myself in and out of her. Sounds
escaped our lips as we moved in motion with
each other. She was just m0an!ng ooooouuuuuch
yeeeeeahhhhh babbbby f--k me harder…..

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