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The Only Beautiful Girl In My Area  - Season 1 - Episode 15
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Suddenly, she stood up and started arranging
some items!. ****chai!, che na so I go take one
day bleep lose all my properties****. Wetyn I go
do o?

I started thinking of the scope to use and at the
same time didn’t want her to sense I’m not
pleased with what she wanted to do
Me: please make sure you don’t forget to park the
home theatre
Tunmise: are you giving me that one too?
Me: sure, I’m giving you everything. I’d go and buy
another ones
Tunmise: ***hugged and kissed me*** love you
my dear
Me: ***yimmu*** love you too.
My brain was just working as I won’t give her
anything and even if atall I would give her, it
won’t be my valuable items # owo_oniru .
Me: I’m even thinking of something.
Tunmise: what’s it my dear?
Me: I don’t know if you would buy the idea, just to
ease your stress.

Tunmise: what’s that?
Me: my best friend RASHEED would be back from
canada on saturday.
Tunmise: wao! I would love to meet him. (Cuts the
conversation) ***sorry, I want to quickly ease
myself, where is ur toilet?***.
Me: let me finish what I’m saying now
Tunmise: no please, I’m pressed already.
Me: okay.
I took her to the bathroom and I went back to the

Just after about 2mins that I entered the room, I
noticed a text message entered her phone. She
was using an X2 nokia phone so it displayed
whatsapp notification on home screen. I walked
towards where the phone was, though, wasn’t in
attempt to check her phone but God that wanted

me to know that the girl wants to use me make
me to see it. It was a message from her friend
who she had tell alot about me. She even told her
friend that “the idiot said I should come and park
his properties”. And her friend replied “ori ese
were oobu sogun”, “don’t let him touch you sha
o” and She replied “trust me now”. And the
message that just entered was “did kola sleep at
your house last night?

I was like, wao! “Emini were yen o”. So many
question was running through my mind like “I’m I
really a mugu? Who is kola?.

She entered after about 5mins but I didn’t allow
what I saw to reflect in my action. I was flowing
with her normally.
Tunmise: so how is the groove going to be when
your friend comes
Me: it’s gonna be fun. He is a blind spender. So, as
I was saying sha
Tunmise: ***concentrated like someone writing
carry over exam***. I’m listening
Me: I’m thinking of how stressful it would be for
you to be packing all this things with bike. They
are much u are just looking at it like that. to save
your stress don’t you think we should postpone
everything till when till rasheed comes so that he
would use his car to carry it for you. And give you
some money too. I’m only considering you tho. I
don’t know how you would see it.
Tunmise: ***sq££zed face*** I’m thinking how I
would do it too. But are you sure uncle RASHEED
is coming?

Me: sure now we just finished speaking on phone
Tunmise: okay dear. So how about the other big
Yeepa! Moti koba ‘ra mi
Me: ***scope continues*** why are you so in
haste?. Don’t worry, till when you pack everything,
I would just give you on top.

Tunmise: nooooo, I want that now.
Me: relax, “eni t’an gbe’yawo bo waba okin
Tunmise: okay, I have to go.
Me: so fast?
Tunmise: what else do you want us to be talking
Me: won’t you let me feel you one more time?
Tunmise: ayoola, I’m tired. Ur d--k is an hired
killer. I’ve never felt this way before after sex. I’m
so weak
Me: c’mmon we are going on another round.
I started squeezing her b----t….

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