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The Only Beautiful Girl In My Area  - Season 1 - Episode 12
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ME: *******silent and frowned*******
Tunmise: ******came closer****, ayoola my
love, what is wrong with you?
ME: nothing. Tunmise, I think you are right.
Tunmise: really?, how?
ME: that someone shouldn’t rush into things
especially on first dates.
Tunmise: I don’t understand ****raised eye
Me: according to you, first date should be for
simple meetings and discussions, not for
adventures or giving out gifts.
Tunmise: what does that implies?
ME: I think you should just pick the DVD and the
stand FAN and leave the second thing that I have
for you till some other times
*****she became confused*****
Tunmise: *******yelled****** so because you
want to
take give me something, you wanted to get se*x
in return right?. If that is the case, keep all your
gifts and let me be
ME: ****see mumu, better take wetin you want
take make you leave**** you aren’t a prostitute
or ordinary girlfriend but a finance and a lover
whom I am ready to take to my family, I didn’t
reason it that today is a first date before I
planned all this. I love you and there is nothing
you can do about it. If I don’t love you, I wouldn’t
have gone as far as doing all this.
Tunmise: ********raked also******* keep your
Gifts to yourself take care.
***stood up and was about to leave****
ME: ***i wanted to beg her but I remembered
she doesn’t even have a T.fare to return home
and besides, she can’t afford to miss such

expensive items that include plasma t.v, freezer,
generator, woofer e.t.c, na so I come dey
Tunmise: ****walked towards the door, held the
handle of the door but she refused to open, after
few seconds, she looked back**** ayoola, and I
love you more than all this things you are doing to
me oo. Why are you treating me this way?,
how much I love you ***wanted to cry****
ME: ***yeah, trap don catch her, she wan can’t
afford to miss the items that includes plasma t.v,
gotv, table, fan, table chair etc and still didn’t
want to miss the big thing that I promised**** I
stood up, walked up to the door, held her hands
and looked into her eyes,***
Baby, you know I love you too. I have always
you and I will forever love you.
Before we know what was happening, our lips
found each other and we began to kiss
passionately as we were both standing by the

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