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The Only Beautiful Girl In My Area  - Season 1 - Episode 11
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Immediately after the cleaning at around
11:00am. A call entered from tunmise. Chai! I
was so happy to see this, I quickly picked the
Me: hello sweetheart
Tunmise: ife mi, I just received a call now
from the h.o.c that we would be submitting
an assignment today and the lecturer is very

Me: ****omo see lie o**** eeyah! So what
are you insinuating? Does that mean you
won’t be able to come?
Tunmise: nooo, not that, I would come but
won’t be able to wait even a minute. The bike
man that would bring me would be the same
person that would take me back. Please, just
help me to gather those things
Me: *****hmmmmmm, this girl sha dey think
say she wise**** okay no problem
Tunmise: okay love.
Me: love you too.
After the call, I noticed all my spirits don
come down, all the urges have disappeared
and could not think straight anymore. “Che
na like this I go con lose my properties for
And besides, if I give this girl all this things as
promised, what would I pack to Agbara?
Should I start buying another items again? I
supposed to be saving any money that I see
and not to use it on buying items again. One
day f--k?, what if I no con see the girl bleep?
What if I no con see her again after today?
Che I don turn mugu be that?
As I was thinking, my phone rang and it was a
call from tunmise to tell me she was already
in front of RCF.
I went outside to meet tunmise. As
I stepped out of the
door, I saw a young lady standing by a bike-

man at the other
side of the road.

I was so impressed by what I saw and I said
to my self “che na all this things she go con
carry go like that?” Omo, RASHEED must not
hear this”, tunmise was prettier and adoring
than the lady I have been seeing on
Whatsapp display picture.

Her face looked so cool and spotless.
She was dressed in a navy blue top on a jean
trouser, which made her big a-s apparently
swinging from left to right as a pendulum
I picked my phone to call her and she picked.
I asked her to raise up her head which she
did and saw me upstairs where I was
standing waving at her to come but she
refused to come up, she was waving her hand
to me that I should cross over and
she was pointing at
the bikeman at the same time.

I stepped down, crossed to the other side of
road and walked
closer to tunmise.
ME: ***hugs****hi love
Tunmise: hi dear.
Tunmise: ****smiled*****. Ayoola, Please I
don’t want to stay long
outdoor, I have an assignment that I must
submit today which I haven’t even written
anything of and it’s much
****wetin I go do o? Kai! What if the
assignment is true? Should just give and and
let her go? Omo! Chebi na assignment no be
test or exam remedy go still dey jare.****
ME:****scope**** lailai, that cannot be
possible. Don’t you
know I have been waiting here for the past 3
days just to meet
you?, I should have
traveled 2 days ago but I decided to wait and
see my love before I start missing you at
Tunmise: ***smiled**** but you have seen
me now.
I don’t want to
stay outdoor for long please
ME: ****moved closer to TUNMISE****so
mean main road reception is the best you
can give to your
Love?. Common
baby, don’t abuse tradition, come in and let’s
have some discussions
TUNMISE: oooooooooh God but the bike-
man is here waiting.

ME: ***moved closer to the bike to pay
him***** how much is your
BIKEMAN: 200naira
I paid the bikeman and the bikeman drove
away. I crossed to the other side of the road
with tunmise as we began to chat And were
flowing nicely.
as we entered the room. I entertained
TUNMISE, asked her about
her school, life generally and she was
flowing well. .

After about 8 minutes of having fun chat with
TUNMISE, I excused my self to ease myself in
the bathroom.
I wen back into the room, lock the door and
sat on my bed closer
to TUNMISE staring at her appearance, she
So beautiful and irresistible with her b0s0ms
and butts Nice shaped
ME: you are looking prettier than the
saw on whatsapp
TUNMISE: I know you are teasing me
ME: I’m so serious baby
TUNMISE: thanks dear
ME: you are welcome
I paused the chat and started looking her
with a flirty eyes.
ME: ***continued*** hmmmmmmmm, so
how is everything
with you?, never knew I
would see you so soon ******teasing her
palm with my middle
TUNMISE: so you think I won’t show up?
ME: not really, just that I thought you were
pulling my legs.
TUNMISE: I see!!

I drew closer to TUNMISE, I held her second
with mine, continue looking
into her eyes for a few seconds before our
Started getting closer.
Finally, our lips met and we began to kiss. The
kiss was getting deeper as she began to press
my head closer. I
began to move my
hand downward to her neck, I tickled her
cleavage and was about
dipping my hands into her b0s0ms when she
resisted me. I felt sad but never gave up, we
kissed again and I
made the second
attempt of locating her b---m, but this time,
I went through her
under-gown instead of the top, I found her
and intended dipping my hands inside it but
she resisted
again. ***which kind
witchcraft be this na***.

I ignored the b---m, I moved my hands
to her ear and
Started sU-Cking and speaking silently to it and
she began to jerk gradually,
****hmmm, every girl has different weak

OYIN’s own
was her n----e while this one na ear*****, I
noticed her that her
mood was getting more passionate, I
continued on the ear
for more seconds, and was smooching her
b----t at the same time. I started moving my
left hand down to her abdomen. I noticed
some tiny hairs
directly below the
navel and I played with the hairs. as I traced
downward, the
jerking was increasing as she began to let out
soft m0ans, she
removed her ear from my mouth, pushed her
head upwards and
placed her neck on my lips.
I utilised the
opportunity and kissed
her neck down to her cleavage. This time, I
decided to go upward
to the b---m again and behold, there was no
resistance. I pushed
up her top, pulled out the b0s0ms from the
bra. Pushed her back
on the bed as I began to manipulate the Tips,
the m0an!ng
continued but the tempo never increased.
I can
tell it when a girl
isn’t enjoying a b---m sU-Cking so I changed
tactics. I decided to
sU-Ck the entire Tip and choke my mouth with
as much flesh as
possible and gently squeezing the second
b---m. This time, the
m0ans was increasing in tempo.

I decided to upgrade, I moved the left hand
downwards while still sU-Cking and swapping
the Tips. I traced my
hands down to the
Abdomen and I noticed that she jerked just
like she did when I s----d her ear. I traced
the tiny hairs beneath the
abdomen and my trace led me straight to the
button of her jeans

*****chai, which
kind of obstacle is this?, why can’t she wear a
skirt or gown?


I tried loosing the button and she held my
hand and screamed

ME: what is it dear?

TUNMISE: ****wears her top very well and
her bra*****. What
are you trying to do?, you want to have sex
with me?, on a first

ME *****silent and nodded sideways****
TUNMISE: so you invited me here because of
ME: no dear.

TUNMISE: then let’s stop it. This is our first
ME: ********frowned and sad*****

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