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The Only Beautiful Girl In My Area  - Season 1 - Episode 10
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As uncle richard was about to start the car, I
told him I was very hungry and would need to
eat. He promised to stop at any nearest

I was just looking all sides of the road as the
car was going to see if I could get a
restaurant and also thinking of my
uncompleted project. Shortly after, i saw a
restaurant as we were about to get out of the
estate. We entered together while we ate our
foods. We continued with the journey after the
I didn’t hear from tunmise throughout the day
(maybe she was so busy at the wedding she
told me about) until sunday night when she
called me.
***********# sorry , I didn’t tell you that I’m
dating tunmise. The end product of our chat
on friday was I have finally gained her
***************flash back*************
On friday night, as I was chatting with
tunmise, It all started like;
Me: hello babe
Tunmise: hi
Me: hope your day wasn’t stressful
Tunmise: not at all my dear
Me: okay. I’ve got something to discuss with
you and I won’t want you to lie to me over
Tunmise: okay
Me: what’s your status all about?
Tunmise: ayoola, please I don’t want to talk
about it jare.
Me: atleast we are friends and we can be best
of friends from here. I can actually tell you
what bothers my mind and you tell me yours
Tunmise: ayoola, I’m not happy
Me: I know! I’ve seen it on your status and
that’s why I’m asking you what actually

Tunmise: but I can’t talk about it now
Me: so when do you want us to talk about it?
Tunmise: do you like midnight calls?
Me: I don’t really like it but to know what’s
wrong I would definitely love to. So when?
Tunmise: maybe tonight
Me: be specific please because I always off
my phone in the night so that I won’t go and
switch off my phone
Tunmise: tonight!
Me: okay! (Hanged up)
In the night at around 1:00pm, she called me
as promised and she narrated her stories, I
felt emotional by it but wasn’t carried away
coz the memories of oyin is still very fresh in
my brain. in a nut shell, I seized the
opportunity to tell her my mind, though, she
declined at first but it seems she wanted to
give me a trial or probably wanted to make me
her rebound.
**************story line**************

Our conversations on sunday as she called….
ME: hello dear, how are you?
Tunmise: I’m fine dear,I’m sorry for not
replying your messages on whatsapp since
yesterday. I have been so busy.
ME: I guessed as much too
Tunmise: I also want to tell you that I’m back
to abeokuta
ME: I’m back to abeokuta too and that’s why I
was so eager to reach you yesterday so as to
inform you.
Tunmise: thanks love. I’m missing you
ME: same here
Tunmise: that’s my baby. Errrrrrhmm honey,
you please help me
with a little airtime please?, even if it is just
Me: ****abi the girl think she say she don see
maga? The last time i called her, the call
ended with “please, can you help me with
N200 airtime” which I sent***** alright dear
Tunmise: that’s my love.
Me: you are most welcome dear. ****che I no
go bleep this girl ni?***
And I wished to see you o because I would be
starting my I.T outside abeokuta soon and I
would want you to come and pick anything
you want in my room and moreover, I’ve
bought something for you that you would so
much love… To me it’s a big thing but I don’t
know how big it would appear to you
Tunmise: and what is that?
Me: won’t tell you. Till you come and see it by
Tunmise: whao! Can I come tomorrow? I won’t
be having lectures.
Me: no problem I would be home throughout.
What time are you coming?
Tunmise: I would call you when coming
Me: okay *****hanged up****
******Chai! This is a great opportunity to bleep
this girl*****.
I started having the memories of her pretty
face, and her round, fresh and succulent
cleavages. I started imagining how the
romance and the s*ex would be. The day ends
with different imaginations of her.
The following day, I’ve woken up early to clean
the house, washed the plates, changed the
bed sheet and the pillow case, sprayed the
house with perfume and air freshener.
Immediately after the cleaning…

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