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The Only Beautiful Girl In My Area  - Season 1 - Episode 1
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After my ND programme in mapoly, I have
always wished not to go back to lagos
because of the house chores and everything
#lol . Yes, I mean house chores. I am the last
born of the family. And you know what it
means to be the last born of the family. I’m
from a family of four. My dad, my mum, my
sister and I. My sister is schooling at (TASUED)
and she is already in her final year. And I in
the other hand had just finished my ND in

I have tried everything in my best to convince
my mum on not coming to lagos for my IT,
though she declined initially but later agreed
after the intervention of my dad.
I.T job hunting outside lagos started
immediately after I’ve submitted my project.
I started trying banks in abeokuta but they
were all asking for original I.T letters
containing G.P which was not ready as at that
time, the only available I.T letter was “to
whom it may concern”. My rent has expired
and I don’t want to pay another one without
getting a good job. No friends around to chill
with as they have all traveled to hunt for job.
I started looking like an irresponsible guy to
myself. I was encountering a lot of hardship
in abeokuta as there was no more foodstuffs
at home, equal to no money in the bank, all I
do is to play NAIRABET. sometimes I’d win
and sometimes I would shor.
One day, I called one of my uncles (uncle
richard) who works in Nestle at agbara to
know if there is vacancy for S.L.T students for

Me: hello sir

Uncle richard: hello aburo, longest time. How
is studies
Me: fine sir. I actually call you to tell you that
I’ve just finished my ND programme
Uncle richard: that’s good, so you should be
planning on how to go for your HND.
Me: yes sir. What I actually called you for is to
ask you if there would be a chance for me at
nestle to do my I.T.
Uncle richard: oh! Which course did you
Me: S.L.T sir
Uncle richard: good! Your mates have been
submitting their letters for the past one
month and it would close on wednesday.
Me: tomorrow is wednesday sir
Uncle richard: oh! That means it’d close
Me: ah! How am I going to do it now?
Uncle richard: let’s do it this way, if you can
make it down to agbara before 11:00pm
tomorrow it’d really be good.
Me: I’d try my best sir
Uncle richard: that would be better, and
prepare to sleep over at agbara because the
exam would hold on thursday or before
weekend sha.
Me: okay sir.

We discussed other issues before he hanged

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