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The money collectors - Season 2 - Episode 9
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Nwabueze’s mother was referred to a specialist hospital for a major heart operation… But all these would cost money and Nwabueze had only seventy naira on him..

He ran around trying to raise money, but it was and effort in futility.. He could not ask Otike for a salary advance or loan since Otike was not in any mood to grant any request or listen to anybody’s problem…

Nwabueze then returned to the hospital to explain things to the medical doctor who had reffered his mother to the Riverbank Specialist Hospital.

“I had thought that raising money for my mother’s operation would be simple out no one is eager to help.. I suggest you manage whatever you’ve got here and operate on my mother, Doc.”, Nwabueze had pleaded…

The medical doctor looked at him and smiled.. He was sure Nwabueze was ignorant of such medical procedures..

“You see, I cannot help you without greatly risking your mother’s life.. The specialist hospital I referred you to will do the job satisfactorily.. You should try harder to raise money by any good means”, the doctor said..
“I’ve told you there’s nothing I can do again. Please try to help my mother”, Nwabueze pleaded..

The doctor had refused but Nwabueze insisted. Later, the doctor, feeling that he had no choice, fixed the following day for the operation..

The operation was successfully done but Nwabueze mother lived only one week after she was operated upon..

Nwabueze attributed his mother’s death to Dike’s lust for wealth.. To him, Dike was very wicked and should not be associated with any more. He sensed that if he told Otike about the robbery at his apartment, Otike might give it publicity and then Cike, now at large, would plan to eliminate him.. He felt that Otike might not want to create the impression that he was robbed, He would rather like to use another person as a cover-up, and in this particular case, he, Nwabueze, was the

one he would use if he knew about it…

He would therefore not tell anybody about that but would wait for a chance when he could deliver Dike into the hands of his enemies.. He could never imagine forgiving Dike who had brought
so much trouble on his head.. It may take a time, but, one day, he would call on him and then he (Nwabueze) would deliver him into the hands of Otike…

Since his mother’s death, he had been staying in-doors, not because he had no place to go but to satisfy the urge of being instrumental to Dike’s apprehension..

So it was no surprise to him when he heard Dike’s voice over the line.. He had waited long enough for that moment…

After the phone conversation, Nwabueze felt that he had handled the situation well.. He had been able to conceal his deep hatred for the man who had almost ruined him.. He knew his shaky voice would be mistaken for fright..

He would now tell Otike that he had after all got a link with the man at large.. He was not going to forgive Dike, even for all that Dike thought was his kindness..

His mother was wort more than Dike…

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