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The money collectors - Season 2 - Episode 11
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Otike Abakpo was holding an emergency meeting in his office at about the time Dike was heading for Ondo state with his new-found friend..

Present at the meeting were Ransome Bamidele and Inspector Dele representing Police Commissioner Steven…

Otike had just explained
how the effort to link Stanley Roberts with the heist had proved abortive.. He kept glaring at Bamidele whom
he considered responsible
for the wasted effort..

“What you should all know is that Dike had no chance of
escaping with the money. Bamidele suggested
that he
might have been working with someone and we apparently focused our
mind on the man.. But it
has led us to a dead end!”, Otike
looked angrily in Bamidele’s direction.
“Babatunde and Abubakre are convinced beyond reasonable doubt that Stanley was innocent”, Otike continued..

“So, the situation is one of two things. Dike might have panicked and stashed the money in the scrap metal dump, as the kid said, or
elsewhere before going on
the run: or he might still be working with someone we don’t know at the moment, but not Stanley. This other fellow might have returned later for the money..

I’m sure the information we got from Mr. Iga’s son is not misleading.. But the fact remains that no one knows
whether the money is still here
in this town”, he paused for a brief moment..
“What do you think about that?”, Otike asked and there was a long pause..

Then inspector Dele spoke:
“Dike, knowing he had nobody to rely upon, might have hidden the money somewhere as you rightly said since all our investigation

points to one fact; that he did not leave with the bag,
and there’s no indication that
someone else was found with the bag”..

The fire in Otike’s eyes was enough to roast a viper, and
even Inspector Dele, who was known to be tough and ruthless, was scared..

“You know all this and what have you been doing? Get after him”, a brief pause..

“I don’t give a d--n what it costs. I want that rogue alive”, Otike roared and slammed his big hands on the desk”..

“But we have to be sure. No one has folded his hands about this heist, you know?”, Inspector Dele said..

As they were still debating on the fine points of Dike’s mode of operation, Nwabueze came into Otike’s office…

“Good eveing sir”, he said…

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