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Added: Jul 24, 2018
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The money collectors - Season 2 - Episode 10
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Mr. Valentine killed an antelope on the day that Dike was due to leave and decided to use it and celebrate Dike’s departure.. He cooked
and seasoned it in a very special way, and the meal was so tasty that Dike considered staying a little longer..

This old man was an expert in preparing dishes, he thought..

At exactly 6p.m., Dike rose to go and shook hands with Mr. Valentine..

“I wish to thank you Val”, Dike said and stared at him for a brief moment..

“You may not know it, but I’d have been dead by now but for you.. If God is on my side, I’ll see you again”…

“Don’t worry about that. Watch your tracks and come again if you feel like”, Valentine said and gave him a light punch on the chest..


Dike left Valentine’s cabin and went on his way.. He was now dressed in a jacket and trousers, a new pair of shoes and a hat.. In his new attire and full beard, it would be difficult for one to identify him.. As he inched his way, his left leg once again started to ache.. He was now limping a little as he watched the traffic roar by.
By now his left leg was throbbing and he wondered if he had not been too confident about his recovery.. He touched his .38 automatic pistol but released his hand when he saw a gorgeous lady, smiling and waving at him..
Grabbing his suitcase, he limped up to the car…
“Hello”, the lady said. “I thought you were Mr. Majek, my uncle”..

“Hello, I’m Dan Ikechi.. Could you help me with a ride?”, Dike said..

“Since I have stopped, I might as well”, she said.

Dike took the front seat and she drove off.. Dike felt confident in her car because he knew that once the cops saw a lady on the wheel, they would wave her on.. That meant that he would not be spotted on the way.

“Am i not lucky to be chauffeured by a very beautiful lady?”, Dike asked, and turned to smile at her…

“Call me judith”, she said, pleased with the compliment.

“I come from Ondo State and that’s where I’m going”..

“Now, isn’t that a coincidence!”, Dike quickly added sensing that he could take advantage of the situation..

“I was on my way to Lagos when our car broke down And when you saw me on the road, I was hoping to hitch a ride to Ondo where I would make contact with a business associate before continuing my trip.. I’m very lucky”.

As they drove on and made small talk, Dike learned more facts about her.. Her husband
died two years earlier and she was now managing her late husband’s business. They had no children and she lived alone..

When she offered Dike room and board for the night ‘or for as long as you wish to stay’
as she put it, Dike could not belive his luck.. He quickly accepted, and relaxed to enjoy his ride…

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