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The money collectors - Season 1 - Episode 8
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Dike Ochiagha unlocked the door to his four-room apartment. He had lived there for four years now and his apartment, though shabby, was at least comfortable.

There were three chairs in his sitting room, two settees, a colour television set, a table and faded carpet. In his bedroom, he had large bed that could accommodate four persons, and a wall glass which reflected activities on the bed.
He also had a bookshelf comprising his secondary school
textbooks and several books on the mafia world. He only read those books when his mind was free of any serious thought and he was in a relaxed mood. But for over a year now, he had known no peace of mind.

When he entered his bedroom, he changed into something more casual and parked his. 38 automatic.

He sat down near the window for a couple of minutes, then rose and came back with a bottle of whisky. He sat down and poured himself a glass of the stuff.

Bamidele suggested that only a small sum of money be left in the safe since some dare-devil might attempt to do something mischievous. But otike was adamant; he liked to hedge his bets. He had done that most of his life without shortcomings, and it often paid off. And so he turned down Bamidele’s suggestion to leave only
ten thousand naira in the safe. Who, he thought, would have the guts to rob him?

Well, Dike was going to attempt removing something illegally from Otike’s safe. Had he the guts?

Probably not, but the urge to get his hands on a large sum of money added up to a lot more than guts. Would he have to talk to the ancestors? If his planning was right, there would be no need for a communion with the ancestors, Dike told himself.

To get the key impression wasn’t easy. He tried more than ten times before succeeding. He had to trace Bamidele’s flat and decided that the only way to obtain the key impression was by accompanying Bamidele to his house. But the was not that friendly with Bamidele, and if he suddenly tried to be, it would arouse suspicion. It would also be difficult
to sneak into his house since there
was tight security at Bamidele’s flat.

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