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The money collectors - Season 1 - Episode 43
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“Hello,,, Do you know when he’ll be back Mr. Druid?”, Babatunde asked again..

Probably, Druid must have been lost in thoughts…

“Not at all”, Druid grinned.

He continued. “To get to
his house, all you need to do
is get down the main street, take left and then right.. Check
the street number and you’ll find his flat”.

“Thanks for helping us”, Babatunde said,
And as they were shaking hand,
Druid said:
“Very good news to Stanley for his win. Jesus! It’ll help him settle down. Mr. Stanley
Roberts is pushing sixty-five”.

Abubakre stared at him.

“Sixty five?”, He asked.

“That’s right”, Druid answered.

“Possibly he has some children and relatives?”, Babatunde enquired.

“Not, not to my knowledge. His wife died five years ago
and had no child”, Druid replied..

“Well, nice to see you. We’ll be getting along, Mr. Druid”. Abubakre said and they both took their leave…

They drove away and a few minutes later, Abubakre pulled up in front of a store and purchased enough
canned food and whisky that would last them for at least two days..

“What the hell are you going to do with all these provisions?”, Babatunde asked.

“I guess we’ll stay a couple of days here and since the villagers are watching us,
we must keep out of sight”, Abubakre said.
“Well, I still think you’re a bit extravagant”. Babatunde said annoying Abubakre.

Abubakre ignored him and started the engine, after which

they headed for No. 14 Bright Street to round up Stanley Roberts and probably Dike..


When Mr. Maths and his son entered Otike’s office, he ordered the receptionist to serve them..

“I’m sorry to disturb you, Mr. Maths… Maybe you’ll help
locate my missing documents necessary for prosecuting a very important case”, Otike said.
“I didn’t say that i saw anybody”, Maths said.

“Right, but when your son knows something, indirectly you know”, Otike explained.
“That’s true in a way”, Maths said..

“What was your observation, Ransome?”, Otike asked..

Bamidele sat upright.

“The room is perfectly located for someone to notice anybody’s movement in the
scrap dump”, Bamidele said.

Otike lit another cigarette..

“My son, what did the man do with the bag he was carrying?” Maths asked interrupting..

The boy looked at his father but did not say anything..

“Tell him, Ugo, I shall buy the bicycle before the end of this month”. Maths said.

“Are you sure, Daddy?”, Ugo said.

“Even if he forgets, i shall remind him”, Otike said.

Ugo cleared his voice and began, “The shadow entered the car dump with a heavy bag but i did not see the
exact spot where he stopped because of the tall grass that blocked my view… But I’m certain he did
not leave with the bag. He left it right inside there
unless he came for it later”..

“Did you say it happened at 1 a.m. or thereabouts?”, Otike asked..

“Yes sir”, Ugo said.

“Thanks very much. You must be destined for great
things.. You’ll hear from me later”, Otike said and
thanked Mr. Maths once again for taking the pains to answer his call…

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