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The money collectors - Season 1 - Episode 42
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In a couple of minutes, they (Abubakre and Babatunde) reached Ogwashi Uku town…

Abubakre drove down the street, passing a commercial
bank, a movie hall, a café,
a stadium, hotels and other places..

He pulled up outside Folly Palace, a small, clean cafe and said:
“Let’s have beer and probably get a lead to Bright Street”.

They went into the Café and entered the bar.
There were a few people sitting at the table, and drinking beer, and some of
them stared at them as if they had never seen such
men before…

When they sat down, a barman, a slim bald man with a friendly smile, came to meet them.

“Hello gents. What can i do for you?”, the barman asked.

“Two bottles of Star Beer, please”, Babatunde said and the man dashed away..

“A pleasure to see strangers in our town”, the barman said and as he served them.

“My name is Druid”, he added.

“Thanks a lot Mr. Druid”, Abubakre said. “A nice little town with beautiful flowers you have around here”.

“It’s not bad”, Druid mumbled. “It hots up in the evening when people come back from work. Now it is still morning, you know”.

As they drank their beer, Druid cleared the empty bottles left by others..

He had noticed that some of his customers were beginning to leave, one after the other, apparently afraid of the strangers…

“Maybe you can help us, sir”, Abubakre said.
“Go on”, Druid said.

“Where is Bright street located?”, Abubakre said.

“This is Bright street. This happens to be the last street number and it is 104”. He said.

“Does the name Stanley Roberts mean anything to you”, Abubakre asked.

“Of course”, His eyes turned hostile. “Why do you ask?”.

“What does he mean to you?”, Abubakre persisted.

“If you want to know anything about Stanley Roberts, go to the
police and don’t bother me with questions..

Mr. Stanley Roberts is a fine gentlemen..

Finish your drink and get lost, please”, Druid replied feeling uncomfortable.

Abubakre sipped his beer and then laugh loud.

“Mr. Druid, you’ve got me all wrong.

The reason we want him is only because he won a jackpot in pool betting.

We’ve brought him good news, so stop worrying”. Abubakre said.

Druid’s face brightened up…

“That’s good news”, he said. “Well, Mr. Stanley Roberts

is my friend but happens to have travelled out
last month. He travles to Lagos from time to time, comes back sometimes in a week or even a month but he always comes back”.

Babatunde slopped some of his beer..

“Do you know when he’ll be back?”…

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