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The money collectors - Season 1 - Episode 41
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Babatunde and Abubakre left immediately for Ogwashi Uku after they were given instruction by Ransome Bamidele..

Abubakre decided to drive, while Babatunde sat next to him..

As they were on the Niger bridge, Babatunde looked again at the address they were given and put it
back into his jacket…

“Let’s get this organized, Abubakre”, he said.

“If we meet Dike and Mr. Roberts, you take care of him
whileI take care of Roberts, Okay”..

Abubakre looked at him and pursed his lips in disdain…

“What do you think you’re saying, punk. You’ve always boasted you could beat
Dike to a draw..

Are you now afraid of him? Looks to me we’re heading for a showdown.. So, this is your opportunity
to prove that you’re better than him with a gun”.. Abubakre said.

“Boy, that guy can shoot. Maybe the two of us should take care of him”, Babatunde suggested.

“But you told me only last week that Dike
was old and washed up. That you could defeat him in an open combat. No, you take care of him”. Abubakre said..

“This other guy might be just as fast as Dike”. Babatunde said and suddenly began to sweat.
“So that’s fixed, huh?”, Abubakre said enjoying himself.

Babatunde did not say anything. The thought of facing Dike in a gun battle scared the wits
out of him..

“Do you think that Dike really rook all that money”, Abubakre asked…

“Of course”, Babatunde said and lit a cigarette.

“Listen, Dike has more guts that you or me”..

Abubakre thought for a while and then said,
“Maybe. But he won’t get
away with it. He will not get far before he’s caught. If we don’t find him, the
cops will. The b-----d is stupid!”.

“But at least he’s tried and that’s more than you or I would have done. He might even have a chance
of getting away with it”, Babatunde said..

Abubakre looked at his companion, suprise in his eyes, then said..

“You’re hopless. Nobody
has ever escaped Otike Organisation and you know it. Besides we have the
full co-operation of the police”.

“But think of what he could do with that big money if he lasted only
three years or more”, Babtunde said and watched Abubakre keenly…

“To hell with such bloody money. I’d rather stay alive that have it with a death
sentence on my head..

Dike is far too greedy to be a human being”, Abubakre said..

They drove in silence for a while…

“There the sign post”, Babatunde said breaking the silence..

“The town’s less than two miles from here”.. He added..

“Yea, in no time, we would be there”, Abubakre said and focused on his driving…

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