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The money collectors - Season 1 - Episode 40
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Bamidele was still in Otike’s office when the two men arrived.. They greeted Otike who waved them
to sit down.

“So, what’s up?” Otike asked when they had sat down.

They briefed him about the situation and he immediately became interested in the
kid’s utterances…

“Incidentally, Mr. Maths is a family friend. You should now leave the job
in my hand”, Otike said…

He then gave each of them a twenty naira note and
saw the two police detectives off…

“What do you think about the information we’ve just been
given by the police chaps?”, he asked Bamidele who had assume a thoughtful posture.

“Well, i think we should go to Mr. Maths and ask more questions”, Bamidele suggested..
“Okay”, Otike said and then continued, “I want you
to go there right now.

Tell Mr. Maths that i sent you.. Then try the little kid’s room and know whether one can see as much as he claims.

If so, invite Mr. Maths and his son to my office”.
On second thoughts, he decided to give him a letter of introduction to Mr. Maths…


After Bamidele had gone, Otike was left once again in his office.

He stood up and poured himself some shot of whisky
and lit a cigarette..

Then Amaka, Otike’s youngest wife, drove into Otike’s office
block. It was her turn to prepare dishes for Otike, who had taken neither
his breakfast nor his lunch and it was almost evening…

She had prepared what she thought was her husband’s favourite dish — rice and

beans with fried eggs and
potatoes. She smiled as she entered Otike’s office.

Otike looked up and smiled lightly..

“Darling, you surprised me a lot. You’ve not tasted any
food today. What can
be wrong?”, Amaka asked.

Otike sipped more of his whisky and said
“You shouldn’t have bothered to bring the food here, baby”.

“But i cannot afford to let you starve.. Please eat here, if you cannot come home now”.

Amaka said affectionately.

“I shall be back soon; and listen, I’m very busy right
now and if you continue frequenting here, I might get
things messed up”.. Otike told Amaka.

“Alright, I shall leave you but not before you have tasted
my food”, she insisted…

She was now standing near him, her hands on his massive shoulders..

Otike then opened the plate and the aroma from the dish gave him the apetite which he had lacked
since Adimora phoned him…

He ate very quickly while his wife sat near him.. When he had finish eating, his wife
tidied up…

“I didn’t know I was this hungry”, Otike said, and added, “Thanks! See you later at home”.

He then led her to the door..

“Why not bid me a proper good bye”, Amaka said coming closer to him…

Otike knew what she wanted. He held her close and gave her a kiss.,.


A few minutes later, Bamidele returned to the office with Mr. Maths and his son…

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