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The money collectors - Season 1 - Episode 39
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“Will you keep quiet there, Ugo? You couldn’t have seen
anybody at that time of the night; and remember you’re
talking to the police” Mr Maths said and then turned
to the detectives…

“Don’t mind him, please. He’s always like that. Playing pranks is a hobby to him”.

“No problem about that”, Ejike said.

“But Daddy, since our teacher taught us about the solar
system and the moon, I developed an interest in
watching the moon… It happened that when i was
doing that last night, I saw what looked like a man carrying a heavy bag and…..” Ugo was saying..

“Stop saying what you don’t know”, his father interrupted.

“Are you sure you weren’t dreaming?”.

“There’s some sense in what the kid is saying, Mr. Maths”, Corporal Amingo suggested.
“Why don’t we listen to him for a while?”
“Ugo, how did you know you saw the man by 1 a.m.

or thereabouts?” Ejike said smiling, his eyes on the boy…

“I record the time I see the moon and put down notes about its behaviour..

I’ve done that for three days running and, even today, i shall do the same.. I want
to know how long it takes the moon to become a whole. When i heard you say 1 a.m., I went to my room
to cross-check the time i recorded yesterday, and saw that it was 1.15a.m.”..

The three men became more interested…

“Big boy! You are going to be a hero”, Ejike said.

“But which way did the man go?” Amingo asked.

The boy laughed.

“Daddy, do you remember you’ve not bought me the Chopper your promised me long ago?” Ugo said.

“Yes, I still remember; but you know I’ve not got the money now. But what has that got
to do with the question you were asked?”, Maths asked.

“I shall not tell them anything more unless they buy me
a Chopper bicycle”.. The boy replied..

When it looked as if his son was serious, Mr. Maths shook his head in disbelief..

“Ugochukwu, will you now go and join your mummy in
the kitchen. Naughty boy!” he said.

They boy left immediately…

“I told you the boy is a joker. Don’t take him seriously”, Mr. Maths said.

“Maybe you’re right, but I’m sure he knows what he is
talking about.
He’s got the guts and you’re
lucky to be the proud father”, Seargent Ejike said and rose
to his feet.

“We’ll be getting along.

Depending on the turn of events, we may come again”, he added…

The two men left and Outside the house, Seargent Ejike used a public phone booth to
inform Inspector Dele about their discovery
and he ordered them to see Otike in his office…

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