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The money collectors - Season 1 - Episode 38
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Otike stared at him for a brieft moment and then said,

“You’re nu.ts! Do you imagine that he’s working
with Stanley Roberts simply because we saw his address?”

“I don’t know”, Bamidele said and continued “But at least we are left in no
doubt that Dike was a loner and now we have found someone living in another state… I think it’s very significant especially now that we know that he
went to the Asaba car-park”..

“Well, maybe you’re right. That means the Bendel state police command should be alerted. I will speak to the commissioner”. Otike said…

Otike rang Police commissioner steven who in turn promised to get in touch with his counterpart
in Bendel state as soon as possible..

He Then instructed Bamidele to send Abubakre and Babatunde to Ogwashi Uku to find out who
Stanley Roberts was and probably round up Dike.. They should get him alive…

Bamidele left his office, called the two men and sent them off to Ogwashi Uku..
As soon as Otike advised Inspector Dele to send out some men to ask
around, he selected two of his best detectives, Sergeant
Ejika and Corporal Amingo, and instructed them
to start the investigation from the houses nearest to the office block of Otike
Security Organisation…

The two police detectives tried three houses but could not make any headway because of the uncompromising attitude
of the occupants.. Most of the people they spoke to did not want to get into
trouble with the police. They were about giving hope when Corporal Amingo suggested they should

try one more house…. They entered a compound which stood opposite the scrap metal yard and pushed the door bell.

A girl answered the bell.

“Can i help you?”, she asked.

“Yes, we want to see the owner of this house”, Seargent Ejike said.

“Wait a moment”, the girl replied and dashed
into the house.

Seconds later, she returned with a visitors’ book which she gave them to fill in.

That done, she took the visitors’ book from the detectives and went in again…

A man later on appeared and, after introducing himself as Mr. Maths, ushered the two policemen into his sitting-room.

His first son, aged about ten, was studying in the sitting room when the visitors arrived. He greeted them and continued his studies.

“Eh—m, Mr. Maths”, Seargeant Ejike began, “we’re sorry to bother you with some questions which may not mean anything
to you but which mean a lot to us”..

“What is your problem?” Mr. Maths asked.

“You see, someone removed some vital materials from an office early this
morning. The burglary took place around this area and we just want to know whether you saw anybody by chance carrying a heavy bag early this morning”.

“What time did the robbery actually take place?” Maths asked.

“Well, between 1 and 2 a.m.” Ejike said.
Mr. Maths thought for a while, then said,
“I was asleep at the time you mentioned.. I remember that i came out to urinate after which i surveyed the
street through my window but that was a little
before and not latter”.

The two detectives became dissapointed. Then the boy who was studying suddenly became alert. He ran into one of the inner rooms
and returned seconds later.

“Daddy, I saw someone with a heavy bag between 1 and 2 this morning”, the boy announced…

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