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The money collectors - Season 1 - Episode 37
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About ten minutes later, Babatunde came in with the mn to Otike’s office…

Otike pushed the photo across
the desk after they had exchanged greetings…
“Is that him?”, he asked.

Ryder looked at the photo and nodded.

“Exactly sir, no mistake about it”, he said.

“He asked me to take him to Asaba car-park.. But what
surprised me was that he asked me to keep out of view of the police
and he paid me thirty naira for a distance that would not have cost more that one naira!”
“I see! Was he carrying any heavy bag when you gave him the ride?”, Otike asked.

“No sir, he was all alone and had no luggage”, Ryder explained.

“What is your name and address, should we need your assistance again?”, Otike asked.

“I’m Ryder, No. 4 Ikeke Street, Ontisha”.

As Ryder was leaving the office, Otike handed him a twenty naira note…

After he left, Otike stared at Bamidele..

“Do you think the money is still in town?”, Otike asked.

“Maybe. But we must not rush things, Mr. Otike.. Let’s think things through first”, Bamidele suggested..

Otike, knowing that Bamidele had a good brain and was
no fool, watched him pace up and down the large office..

He restrained his impatience as he waited.

Although he was yet to
be convinced that Bamidele had clean hands in the deal, he allowed him to air his views…

“Dike has no friends as far as available information indicates.. He’s a loner. That one and only address written by himself is therefore

very significant. As he is now on the run, he knows he cannot put appearances again
in this town if he hid the money somewhere.. So, it seems to me he
must have been working with someone..

Let’s suppose that this guy working with Dike rused the money out of the town while Dike was looking for his
identity card, Mr. Otike..

This other guy makes a move with the money, and Dike goes back to his girl hoping, probably, to resume work so that no one might suspect him of the crime. Then he discovers that his identity card is lost. He knows he
would be the number one suspect if the identity card
was found where Adimora was manhandled or right in my office”.

Bamidele paused. His deep-set eyes were
now restless and his face was furrowed by though. His long, thin nose gave him an aristocratic mien and his
thin lips and square chin suggested strenght of character.

“Go on with your story, mister!”, Otike barked, becoming impatient.

“Yes, as i was saying, he has to be sure the identity card didn’t give him away. But
then he panicked when he saw the cops and decided to make a good run for it. To join this other guy”. Bamidele said.

Oh lord! He thought, please don’t let me suffer what i didn’t do……

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