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The money collectors - Season 1 - Episode 36
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He then phone Dele first and advised him to send some
of his men on a house-to-house inquiry about
Dike near his office.. Documents, he was to remember were the missing items…


Bamidele came in and sat down near his boss
aware of the mounting tension..

He could feel the intensity of Otike’s anger as he went through the papers
on his desk..

He was sure that Otike was only trying to control his vicious fury..

“Seems to me Dike is the man to look out for; there is
no doubt about it. He’s probably skipped town”, Otike said shaking his head.

“But i had always trusted that guy”, Bamidele added.

“Who would have thought the sonofabitch would do this
to me”. Otike said amidst anger and continued
“Do you know that i promised him accommodation in my flat and adjusted
his salary a few days ago? The b-----d! I’ll fix him and
ensure that he does not live long to enjoy my money..

By the time I’m through with the punk, he’ll wish he had never been born”..

Bamidele came nearer the papers and picked
one magazine.

“This interests me”, he said.

It was a magazine which dealt more with poultry and animal husbandry.

“Why should Dike have this magazine among others?” he said.

“Seems he’s interested in this type of venture”..

“How the hell should I know. It means nothing to me” Otike snarled..

“What matters is that he”s stolen my

money and whether he wants to build a ten-storeyed building in the sky or not does no interest me…

The point is that he’s a rogue and nothing
more, and must be treated as

And anybody who aided him will be treated like him”..

Then suddenly Otike picked up a Times magazine which had
an address written in
the corner of the back page.

It reads:::

Stanley Roberts
No. 14 Bright Street,
Bendel State…

Otike looked at Bamidele and all of a sudden started smiling…..

He then said “At last, we’ve got an address of a relative
or friend. He might go there for protection”.

“Ogwashi Uku is only about fifty kilometres
from Onitsha”, Bamidele said.

As they were still looking at the address, the telephone rang and it was Babatunde
on the line…

“Sir, One of the detectives has got something. He spoke
to a young man who said he
gave Dike a ride early
this morning.. From his description, I am sure the man
he gave a ride to was no one but Dike”..

“Bring him along with you… Dike’s recent photo which you recovered
in his house is still here. Maybe he can take a look at it”, Otike said..

He took a long and deep breath and said “At last, we are gaining grounds”…..

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