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The money collectors - Season 1 - Episode 35
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Otike has this habit of always giving gratification to hard-working cops.

That was precisely why they respected
him and carried out his
directives without thoughts..

He was always of the opinion that hard work should be rewarded to act as
an incentive to less inclined people..

Back at his house, Inspector Dele thought of the ‘package’. Otike had talked about.

He knew it was money.. The other time he had helped his men drive
bandits away from their cosmetics warehouse, he had been given an
envelope by Ransome Bamidele containing four hundred naira…

He suspected that the present surprise package was something of the same sort..

He then thought about Dike Ochiagha, a ”gentleman”
he had always admired for his quiet depostion.
It was almost impossible for him to believe that
Dike had anything to do with the theft… No one should be given maximum trust, he concluded..


Otike was still sitting at his desk at noon.

He needed a shower badly but would
not leave his office
for a second since he had a lot of work to do…

Ajana (Otike first son) suddenly returned and was surprised to hear that his father was in the office on a
Sunday afternoon before Christmas…

He drove straight to the office to see his father and
find out what the matter was ane also brief him about the trip..

“Have you been told that Dike Ochiagha stole my one million naira just last night?” Otike
asked his son as soon as he greeted him.

“Incredible!” Ajana exclaimed. “How could he have done that?”
Otike was in no mood for
long explanations and proceeded to debrief
his son about his trip…

It had apparently been a very successful trip, and promised to yield a rich harvest, but it did little to change
Otike’s angry mood of the
moment.. He simply gave his son a pat on the back and informed him that on the next working day, he wanted him and Bamidele to go and bank all
their money..

“I no longer want to keep my money in that good-for-nothing safe” he declared…

Ajana nodded, and soon left to go and get some rest. Otike was left alone in the office, and he spread out before
him the various items that
Inspector Dele had sent him and those that Babatunde and Abubakre had found in
Dike’s apartment…

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