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The money collectors - Season 1 - Episode 34
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“That’s good. I know i can always count on you”, Otike said and offered him whisky,
which he refused.

“We’ve made a breakthrough here”, Otike said. “One of my best men is at large”.
“Who can that be?” Steven asked.

“Well”, Otike said sipping his whisky, “Dike ochiagha, my
best man. He slept at his girl’s house but left the girl just about the time
when the no-good punk guarding the safe was phoning me about the robbery”.

“Is that right?”, Steven asked, rather incredulously.

“Yeah!” Otike said, and immediately added, “The robbery points
to him”.

He went on to tell the Police Commissioner about Pauline and all she told them
about Dike’s attitude.

“Are you sure the girl knows nothing more?” the commissioner asked.

“I’m almost sure she has said all she knows.. I scared the crap out of the b---h” Otike replied smiling.

“Well, what do you suggest we do since we’ve got a lead in the investigation?” The Police commissioner asked.

“Just what you’ve been doing. If he’s skipped town, your men will find him but if he’s still in town, my security
organisation will be
after him in collaboration with your men” Otike said.

“He can buy himself a lot of protection with all that money, you know”, the commissioner said, thoughtfully.

“In that case, it might be a bit
difficult to locate and arrest him. All the same he cannot escape the wrath
of the law”.


When Police Commissioner Steven left with his
men, Otike called Abubakre and Babatunde into his

“I want you to go out and collect any information you
can about Dike.

Go to his house and search the place thoroughly.
Get every piece of information, every scrap of paper you can find in his
house. Also send some of your subordinates out to
ask around.

I need to know who his friends are”. Otike instructed.

“Alright sir”, they replied in chorus and left.
After they had gone,
Inspector Dele came on the line.

“Sir, I am constrained to think he’s skipped town”, Inspector Dele said. “There’s no trace
of him. Meanwhile I’ve dug
up his past record, his prison
photos and his
fingerprints. I hope that’ll be helpful”.

“Of course. I want everything you’ve got on him right
away”, said Otike, adding,

“Next time you’re passing, see Ransome Bamidele. He’ll have something, a suprise package
for you.”

Inspector Dele was overwhelmed with joy and
as he began mumbling his thanks, Otike hung up……

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