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The money collectors - Season 1 - Episode 33
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Otike looked first at Abubakre, then at Pauline.
“You can talk to this lady, sir”, Abubakre said as the came in.

“I think something is cooking”. He told Otike about Dike’s car and
about Pauline’s fright when he confronted her.
“Are you suggesting that Dike took the money?” Otike snarled.

“I don’t know, sir, but she’ll be
helpful in locating Dike
since his car was parked there”, Abubakre added.

Otike looked into Pauline’s eyes, and the rage she saw in his own eyes made her cringe.
“Where is Dike?” he asked her.
She began to sob again.

“I don’t know. All i can remember is that he woke up in the dead of the
night and started searching for his identity card. Not finding it in his dress, he left my apartment and
told me to wait for him”. She told Otike.
“Sit down, please”, Otike said.

Pauline sat down.

He then began to interrogate the girl and she talked about the memorial celebration
and everything she knew
about Dike.

She did not try to hold back anything terrified by
the blood-shot eyes and the stonehard face of Otike.

“Alright”, Otike said finally. “You take her home Babatunde”.

Otike called in Inspector Dele who had now finished his
investigation at the scene of
the incident and was about to leave.
He then told him what Pauline had said.
“I want you to round up Dike Ochiagha as soon as possible”, he said.

“Instruct your men to pick him up but don’t talk to

the press, Understand?”
Inspector Dele stared at him, “Ochiagha? Do you really believe he’s behind this?”
“How do I know? But if you don’t get him in three or four hours, we may never find out!”. Otike snapped
Inspector Dele left with
some of his men. He suddenly felt excited, not afraid of this new responsibility.

Perhaps if he proved his mettle, he would get promoted, he thought.

At 11.05 a.m. Police Commissioner Steven arrived in a white Santana Volkswagen car with escort riders.

He shook hands with Otike and waved his
men out of the office.

“We have got men at all the strategic points, Mr. Abakpo, and i hope that sooner
or later, we’ll know the
latest development”. The Police Commissioner said….

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