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The money collectors - Season 1 - Episode 29
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As he screeched to a halt outside his downtown office, he saw some policemen
walking to and from. Well, at least he was getting some action, he thought.

He rode up to the office floor in the elevator and was greeted by the cops who had taken position.

He stormed into Bamidele’s office and saw Adimora who was still bleeding.

Adimora ws sitting on a chair, blood on his
face and all over his body.

“What happened?” Otike roared coming closer to Adimora with clenched fists.

Adimora made an effort to stand up but to no avail. He was still very weak.

“There was sound and it seemed that someone was playing some music.

As i came out to investigate, I was brutally clubbed.

“Who did it, you fool?” Otike shouted.

“I didn’t see him, sir, I was only anxious to see what was happening when something heavy descended on
my head”. Adimora said
“Tha’s because you’re always drunk. You heard music and your worthless brain didn’t tell you it was a trick.

You ought to have come out to know who it was. Who but a fool will fall for such a cheap trick?”.

“Sir, it was a mistake”, Adimora pleased.
Otike moved to the safe, looked at it and found out
it hadn’t been damaged. Whoever had stolen the money had the key to the safe. He bit his lips and cursed whoever had committed such an atrocity.

He then went to the telephone and dialed
a number while Adimora and the policemen on duty watched him.

“Yes?” a voice said at the other end.

“This is Otike Abakpo”, he said to the voice. “I want to speak with Police Commisioner Steven”.

“Wait a second sir”, the voice replied.
A few minutes later, the comissioner came on the line.

“What happened, Mr. Abakpo?” Commissioner steven asked.

“Listen, I want you to sew up this goddamn town as fast as possible, the rail-road station,
road blocks and the
airport. Some cranks have
stolen some big money from my safe and the b------s
might try to sneak out of town. Seal all the gataway places”.

“Why not inform the Divisional Police officer, Sir”
the commissioner said “That’s not even enough. This is a serious matter which might involve all State CID’s. The DPO is presently sending out men
to take care of the local
government areas but my
fear is that
because of the delay in communication, the culprits might escape to the local government suburbs”. A brief pause.

“Okay, I’ll see to it that the state capital, the airport and other exit routes are checked”, the commisioner concluded and hung up….

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