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The money collectors - Season 1 - Episode 16
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Dike did not know what to say, but suddenly he remembered that by January he would have been
through with his operation and do whatever the situation demanded of him.

This was an offer he dared not refuse. If he did so he would be out, and he wasn’t ready for a sack.

He looked straight into Otike’s eyes and said, “What date do i start, sir?”

Otike’s face brightened and he slapped Dike’s back. That’s the way i like my guys to behave. I’ll have it fixed with Bamidele but I’m pretty sure it won’t exceed the 10th”.

“Okay sir” Dike said and relaxed.
“Your new pay will be six hundred naira a month. So, Dike, that’s a deal. You’ve got yourself extra hundred every month”. He put his hand around Dike’s shoulders and led him to the door.

“Talk to Nwabueze and see that he gets prepared for the new job after the big haul of Saturday. And remember to give notice to our landlord since you’ll be staying here from next month”.

“Okay sir” Dike answered.

“See you” Otike said and closed his door.
Dike went straight to his car and drove away. He headed for Nwabueze’s house.

On his way, he thought about what Otike had told him. Giving him accomodation in his house was a good gesture, but in his heart of heartsñ he felt he would not live there again for a second.

Nwabueze lived in a two-bedroom apartment. The sitting-room was shabbily furnished. His mother stayed in one of the rooms.

Nwabueze had family problems but was

apparently unable to tackle them. He was washing
his clothes when Dike rang the door bell.
“Hi Dike, nice to see you” Nwabueze said when he opened the door.

“Sure, I can see that you’re happy” Dike said.

“Happy? Not a chance until after Saturday 23rd. You know what? I dreamt last night that we were sailing in a boat with the one million naira, and when our boat capsized,
you escaped with the money while we all drowned”. Nwabueze replied
“Rubbish” Dike continued “You think and dream like a kid. Are you superstitious”
“Far from that! I just call it a dream. A dream is a dream and nothing more. Only I’m sick about this job, Too risky” Nwabueze replied sadly.

“I have told you that there will be no trouble, so stop reasoning like a crazy punk” Dike said calmly.

“Okay, big brother, you’re a man of inspiration. I agree with you”
“Right, Nwabueze, how would you like to be re-assigned to……. say, the Accounts section?”

A silence before Nwabueze broke the silence “Crazy about it but nobody would ever do that, I’m sure”.

“That’s exactly why I’m here; to tell you that you’ll be posted to the accounts section in january next year.” Dike said
“Who told you?” Nwabueze asked.

“Who could have told me but the boss. I’m just coming from his place where he told me about the change. He
said your new pay will be three hundred naira a month”.

“If what you’re saying is true, Dike, then you deserve a cow as a present for bring such good news”.

“Take it easy, boy. You’re elevated and that’s all” Dike said smiling.

“Thank you Dike, but what will you take?” Nwabueze asked happily
“Thanks but no thanks. See you” Dike said going out.

“Right, good bye” Nwabueze waved him off to the door.

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