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The money collectors - Season 1 - Episode 13
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Dike looked at Babatunde and was hot with anger. He knew Babatunde was almost as good as he was with the gun and he hated him, just as Babatunde hated him. He looked at Pauline and sensed that she was scared. She was looking at pauline and sensed that she was scared. She was looking at babatunde with wide, alarming eye.

“What are you talking about? He wants me?” Dike demanded.

“You have said so, he wants you and pronto”.
Dike lit a cigarette and drew in a long puff. “Alright, I’ll be along, where is he?”
“At his house. And right now.” Babatunde left them immediately.

Pauline looked at Dike, fear still in her eyes.
“What is it Dike?”
Dike wished he knew. Only once had he been summoned by Otike to his house.
There is no smoke without fire. Maybe his plans would now be dashed to pieces. He felt cold sweat rush down his spine.

“I’m sorry, baby,” he said as calmly as he could. “I have to go. Suppose you finish your food and I drop you off at your place while you wait for me.”

“Oh no! I cannot?”

He got up and searched for his ignition key. “Do it baby, just to please me. Believe me, it’s alright and I’ll be back within a few minutes.”
Pauline noticed that Dike seemed to be worried by the message and decided to go along with his wishes. Arguing with him might only make matters worse.

She forced a smile. “Okay, Dike, I’ll be waiting for you”. Dike paid for their food and took her to her flat before heading for Otike’s house.

It took Dike about thirty-three minutes in the traffic jam to reach Otike’s residential quarters on 3rd Street, He parked his car in the garage, having been ushered in by security men at the gate who recognised him and greeted him heartily.

While he had been driving, he had continued to wonder why he was wanted at that hour. The other time he was summoned to the opulent house in the same sudden manner, he was stripped of certain privileges. It was then that Otike removed him as Bodyguard and re-assigned him to the job of guarding
Nwabueze while the latter collected money from traders. At first he hated the new assignment but he had no alternative than to go along with it. He knew that he would lose his job if he objected.

On reaching the house, he recalled once again the comfort and privileges he used to enjoy when he was a bodyguard to Otike.

The house itself was gorgeous.

He rang the door bell and as he was wiping sweat off his face, the doors swung open, and standing there was a very beautiful girl who
seemed to be in her late teens.

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