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The Minister’s Son And I  - Season 1 - Episode 9
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I had no option than to use the guest’s room for my night.

“Goodnight Joyce, i will be in the guest room.” I tried to sound more polite than I sounded. Joy well built beautiful girl, her charming eyes would have tempted any man. Her body had a good shape, the only thing that stood between Joy and I was my passionate love for Serena.

On wishing her goodnight, she seemed startled, maybe even shocked or maybe disappointed.

“Why not spend here? Coz of my presence?” She sounded offended.
“No no no, no please Joyce, I just thought you would like it that way.” I didn’t want to cause any tension, or even break my deal with mom.

“You are my husband to be David, how can i mind sleeping beside you?” She stood from the bed. I was confused, totally confused. She came to me, i wanted to move away but my legs couldn’t move, it seemed to me that I was in a dream. A dream where you would dream of a lion coming to kill you but your legs fails to move, your voice fails to shout for help, you wake up panting like an antelope. I waited for her to approach so I could wake up panting but I couldn’t, she held my two hands and stared into my eyes.

“Am all yours David, destroy me if you wish.” She made her t--s touch my chest on their n-----s. Her mouth came so close to mine, her strong perfumes penetrated through my nose. I remembered my kiss with Serena, it was so sweet to be mixed. Our lips were almost in touch when i pushed her away. I was back into my senses, my mother had put me in a terrible trap, making love to Joyce meant marrying her. How would I convince the world that i never wanted to marry her yet I slept with her? What if she gets my child?

“I think you need pyjamas, I will get them for you” I pecked her on her left cheek, rubbed it slightly, winked at her and headed for the door.
“But David….”
“I will be right back my dear.” I opened the door and was grand to be out of that room.
I took more than twenty minutes in my dressing room, I was trying to figure out on what to do.

There was a knock at the door and I knew i was finished. I was sure she had followed me in my dressing room after being impatient. Who showed her my dressing room, I wondered why she couldn’t see I had no interest in her.

“Sir?” I recognized the voice, it was Brian, my servant. I sighed with relieve.
I got a plan!
“Yes Brian, come in.” He pushed the door and entered.

“Sir? Its late, you should be asleep.” He was concerned.
“Yes Brian, I want you to do everything I will tell you to.”
“OK sir, you know I will always obey you.” He said seeming curious.


In ten minutes time, Brian carried me into my room where Joyce was half asleep. I didn’t mind Brian seeing her in her pants and bra. She was shocked to see me being placed on bed.

She even forgot she was half naked and jumped from the bed.

“Jesus! What happened? What happened to him?” She shook Brian by his shoulder for an answer.

“Am sorry Madam, he fell on the stairs as he came down to the dressing room.” He said sadly.

“And you didn’t take him to hospital?” She sounded furious.

“We are just from the Family nurse’ room. She has bandaged his dislocated leg and arm, amesema hana ubaya.” He explained, I smiled under the blanked he had covered me with.

“Are you sure he is okay?”
“Yes madam, he has been injected with strong painkillers.” He added.
” OK then, i will take care of him.” She said sadly.

“Am sorry madam, the nurse has suggested that it would be better for him to spend alone, to avoid being touched on his painful hand and leg.” Brian was a real genius, I had not told him about that.
“But he is unwell, he shouldn’t be alone.” She complained.

“No worry madam, am his servant, its my duty to sit here until morning, if anything I will let you know. Can I take you in the guest room if you don’t mind madam?” He was a genius!

“Its ok Brian, thanks for being so nice to us all.” She uncovered my face and pecked my lips.

“Good night David, am sorry.” She said covering me back.

She obviously got into her clothes and followed Brian outside. The mission was accomplished. Brian informed him that for unknown reasons I never wanted my parents to know about my accident. She had no option than to swallow it all.

At around noon the following day we escorted Joyce, my mother sat with the driver as Joy and I occupied the back seats. According to her, my dislocated joints had gone back to their normal form.

We had no much to talk about, my mother had every story for almost every part of the city.
“You see that place? A thief was burnt to ashes two year ago,,,,you see that building, it belonged to my childhood friend who sold it….” Those stories were nice, they kept off the silence in the car.

We drove her to parklands where their home was, she wanted us to enter into her home but I declined it and I was gland my mother declined it too.

“An inlaws home is so sacred to be stepped anytime any day, we shall plan and come, just greet everyone for us my daughter.” My mother was wise too, does it mean she would keep her words and support me?
After saying goodbye to Joyce who made sure she hugged and kissed slightly on my lips, we drove towards Karen where our restaurant was.

“How was everything my son?”
“Just fine mother, you almost put me in trouble.” I complained.

I explained to her how I had to fake an accident, she really laughed at the idea .
“That must have been a great drama, you mean Brian is that sharp?” She was still laughing.

At around 1345 hours, we parked our car, the three of us got into the restaurant , that included my driver.

I noticed some commotions at the counter that captured my attention. There was the manager’s voice on top.

“Yeah, take her away, its an order from the minister.” I was startled to see two guards pulling Serena out. Anger and vengeance struck me.

“I want to see David please,,,” she was crying. Before I knew it……

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