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The Minister’s Son And I  - Season 1 - Episode 6
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“David, I love you more than you can imagine.” She hugged and kissed my lips. I felt as though the whole world was my stone to step. I needed no more words from her, she was all I needed.

I removed my golden ring, of course blaming myself for not carrying a ring for my new found queen. I was not sure on which knee to kneel so I foolishly knelt both. It was an opportunity I couldn’t afford to delay leave alone loosing. I looked straight in her eyes as I raised her left hand, holding her second from last finger.

“Serena my love, will you …”
“The answer is yes David, it suits me my love.” I saw tears flowing uncontrollably from her eyes. She took me up from the ground after placing the engagement ring around her finger, I took her into my arms, her tear drops fell on my chest.

It was a day that completely turned my life, it was a new beginning, a new struggle and a new story. From then I decided to change the title of my autobiography from the ‘minister’s son’ to the ‘hidden secrets’.

Back into the ‘minister’s son. Serena and i exchanged more and more promises, than heavens she had stopped fearing me. She confessed her sudden feelings for me the first day we collided in the restaurant.
“You felt for me yet you yelled at me?” I teased.

“I didn’t recognize my feeling for you as love by then.” She smiled. “But now you do?”

“Yes my king.” She hugged me ones more before leading me back into the shop. I never felt like leaving for the city, unless she was to leave with me. I made a phone call to the restaurant Mananger informing him that I was to be late and that he was to take the money into the bank.

No sooner had i hanged the call than my mother called.

“Hello mom?”
“Yes Dave, where are you? Your Dad is so upset about you.”
“But ma’..”

“No son, just come now, you never even carried your male servant leave alone your driver, what’s wrong with you?” I knew she was upset. Dad must have quarreled everyone at home including her.
“Sorry Mom, i went to see my friend just near Embu, i …”

“Embu? Are you out of your mind young boy…”

“Am not a boy mother, am on my way, am sorry.” I hanged the line and turned off my phone. For the first time I was a rebel to my mother, it was obviously embarrassing as Serena and her relatives that is James and Daniel seemed to have heard part of it.
I had to make arrangements for Serena’s coming into the city.

At around 1700hours i left for the city feeling excited but empty, i felt as though I had left my heart with Serena. On my journey all was about Serena, i even turned of the music so as to think about her well. Sometimes i would turn and see her sited beside me in the car, then she would disappear. My journey to the city seemed so short, there were so many love songs closing my mind. I wondered the type of gift I
would buy for her in our next meeting. I now knew why there was a valentines day, love was not a lie. So many fake loves existed but true love was real and true. Had I not met her on a Valentine’s evening?

I drove into our compound through our main gate at exactly 1920 hours. All the cars were already in the parking, i didn’t wait for my driver to park it, i made a u- turn and parked it.

I saw my male servant Brian coming from my house. He looked excited on seeing me.
“Welcome sir.”

“Thanks Brian, how was the day.”

“Fine, thank you sir.” I detected an something unusual in his look. Its like he tried to hide something, or else he had something to say and didn’t know how to say it.

“I will take my birth first. Take this.” I gave him my coat.

“OK sir, I prepared the bath tab sir.”

I had a feeling of going to see my mother first but i decided to take a cold bath first, so i followed Brian into my house.

Brian was not as social as he was in other days, maybe Dad had threatened to dismiss him for not knowing where I was. Was it his fault? I pitied the poor Brian, i would give him some cash, it would make him happy again.

I entered the main door and sensed some strong strange perfumes. I was about to ask Brian where he got the idea of spraying the house with such a choking perfume when someone appeared from the living room.

“Hello David.” She was a fairy tall brown lady, fairy slim, she wore a white short and a red top. Her long blown hair lay on her back. I knew whom she was. I had seen her some years back but I remembered her.
She was minister Ndegwa’s daughter.

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