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The Minister’s Son And I - Season 1 - Episode 50
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☆☆*Season one finale*

Some things are hard to believe, believing that Serena and I were back together was more than a dream itself, meeting my lovely mother ones more healed all my wounds. All I needed was to get done with the case and marry Serena. So much happened during that break before our afternoon proceeding in the courtroom. More and more tears were shed, tears of joy and pain, joy of our reunion, pain of regrets and that of the unknown. I didn’t let anyone to see my mother and Serena, I sent them into the car and instructed Juma to make sure that he led them into the witness chambers when need be. My mother was obviously more than willing to witness and confess the whole truth against the minister and the president himself. I tried to caution her on dragging the president into the case but she was determined, she said it was time for revenge, time to liberate the nation. Leaving the president untouched, we would have done nothing, he would still be capable of cancelling any sentence against the minister. I didn’t question my mother’s knowledge, I never felt like leaving her side for a second either. She didn’t look rich and honourable as she had always appeared before, there was no doubt she had passed through real challenges. As for Serena, her beauty was still intact, her smile was still the most charming, though she had cut short her hair, her beauty was unmatched.

Serena was so emotional to explain anything, among the three of us , she shed most tears.
“Its OK my love, we are back together, aren’t we?” I was almost moved to tears ones more.

“So many people dead David, dead, dead because of us David…my mother ..” She broke into fresh tears.


We all walked towards the courtroom, Joyce was beside me. Mercy and Maccain were behind us, Edward was swallowed by the huge crowds. None of them had seen my mother or Serena, they feared for our defeat. The crowd still heaved and shouted my name ceremoniously.

“David, we must try and try, even if we will loose, let’s not loose so simple.” Joyce said emotionally.

“There isn’t room for loosing my dear, we have to win.” I smiled at her beaten face.
“The judge asked for an eye witness, we ain’t got any. David, we are in trouble.” She said sadly.

“I appreciate your help sister, you are a real friend and I will always love you.” I promised.

“Thank you David, if they will behead you, then they have to cut my head first.” I looked at her face, she meant her words. Mercy
wore the same gloomy and beaten face, I loved the two ladies, two champions of truth.


“Its 215pm, I hereby order for the latter case proceedings” The judge announced. She opened her file and read.

“Earlier today, the defendant side accused the minister of various murders and the court had some interests in that. The court therefore demanded for a full evidence or evidences to show that the minister killed the accused’s Dad, married his mother by force and as well tried to kill the defendant through the late Joe Ngigi. The court advises the defendant side to produce competent evidences, an eye witness for that matter.” She placed her pen on the file and closed it as though she had already ruled. The courtroom was dead silent, the atmosphere was so tensed. Fear roomed the court, everyone apart from me saw me loosing. I looked at Joyce, she was wiping her tears, mercy was no better, Maccain looked so thoughtful.

“Your honour” Achieng’ started. “It is now clear that the accused had been misguided against his own parents, it’s hard to believe, its gravely sad for me to inform this court that David, the accused sent for his goons to kill his own mother.” Lots of noise broke into the room, the new line of the case seemed to shake the judge herself.

“Objection your honour!” Maccain barked.
“We have a witness your honour, a friend to David, he have been his friend since childhood.” Achieng’ put in, I couldn’t guess whom it was but then , had I not only one childhood friend?

I gestured to Maccain , requesting him to remain silent.

Judas moved forward, he avoided to look at me, I wasn’t shocked to see him try to betray me again, but I was hurt.
“Who is David to you?” Achieng’ interviewed him as the judge wrote down.

“David have been my friend since childhood, we used to share our secrets until sometimes back.” Judas answered.

“What happened to your friendship with him?”

“I discovered that he was being mislead by some guys claiming to be his friend, I tried to warn him but he broke our friendship.” Judas said sadly .

“Tell the court, how was he being mislead?”

“He was told that minister and his wife were not his real parents, that they had killed his parents to take over their wealth. From then David wanted his dad and mom dead.” He said sadly, I smiled at his lies.
“Did he tell you so?”
“Yes, he even wanted to hire me for the same but I refused , I told his Dad about it, it was too late, he had already sent Joe and his two friends to kill his mother.”
“That’s too sad, your honour, I am done.” Achieng’ said proudly.
“Your honour, may I have the pleasure of interrogating the witness?” I asked and the permission was granted.
“Judas, my old friend!” I called.
“Yes David.”
“Did I tell you that I was up to kill my parents?”
“Yes you did, at the midview hotel.” He answered expertly.
“So my mother was killed by my hired goons?”
“Yes, they even sent the photos of her corpse so as you could pay them, you shown me the heartbreaking pictures, you have no heart David!” He cursed .

“What if I tell this court that you have been paid to witness falsely against me?”
“You would be lying.”
“What if y mother is still alive?”
“Your mother is dead, you killed her!” Judas said painfully.

“I pity you Judas, why didn’t you join us in fighting the truth and justice? Why? Because of money?”

“Objection your honour!” Achieng objected.

“Sustained!” The judge announced.
“Sustain as much as you want your honour! I don’t care, the law! What is the law to the rich? What is the judiciary to the poor? Have you not been sitting on the same seat as a judge yet with so many injustices? Your honour, why sit there just to weed for the injustice when expected to end it?! How much money have you received to blackmail my case? ” I had already lost control of myself. My voice roared in and out of the courtroom, the minister and his lot were sure of the win.

“Objection and order! You stand accused of misconduct and insulting the judiciary, you will remain in custody with the disciplinary committee until we decide your fate! I rule!” Before she stood from her seat, five Europeans with black suits walked in behind a black and a bit elderly man. They marched in front, the elderly man took a seat beside the judge as the four whites took positions beside him, none of us was aware of what was happening. The elderly man switched on the microphone ahead of him.

“Few of you know me, majority of you don’t. I am the international criminal court prosecutor , I am here to arrest some prominent persons. Outside this court we have special trained security agencies from Netherlands and USA , all of you are ordered to remain calm and in your positions, four people must be arrested immediately and face the ICC for violation of fundermental human rights and having been involved in cold blood murders and rule of law violation.” I couldn’t understand him but I saw some hope if at all he was the ICC prosecutor.

“I want to present David’s mother to this court, she came seeking for our help in the ICC and we have been following this case closely.” I couldn’t hide my smile as I saw my mother being led forward by a white lady who was obviously guarding her. There was no doubt that we were about to win the case, I wondered why my mother had not told me about it in the parking.

She smiled at me broadly, I ran forward and embraced her, Joyce, Mercy and Serena joined us, they were all in tears. Loud applause filled the courtroom, Maccain came forward and we embraced. Everyone watched all of us in admiration, we took our time to embrace infront of the courtroom, camera flashes collided on our bodies.

The cerebration died suddenly when a loud sound of a gun came from the front benches of the listeners. Screams filled the air!

“He is dead!” I heard the voice, the minister was no more, who shot him?


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Nov 06, 2018
wow wow wow.. nice story.. but why is the minister dead at this time.. is that the end if the story? I really commend your effort thou.. nice write up.. keep it up.
Nov 07, 2018
Thanks @Tutu for your lovely comments
Sebastien mills jnr
Nov 08, 2018
Why did the minister have to die at this junction,he was supposed to pay dearly for his deeds and die in a very slow and painful way
But @ib4real this is a wonderful write up....................keep it up jhoor
Emerald Cruz
Nov 17, 2018
Mehn i have been following this story 4rm the onset nice write more butter to your bread.But i think is not suppose 2 end here.
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