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The Minister’s Son And I  - Season 1 - Episode 5
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“David…..She seemed embarrassed, maybe I would have been more paient.
“David, meet my cousin James.” I was embarrassed, I guess I looked stupid but at least my mind and heart were satisfied.
“Hello James.” We shook hands though he seemed so afraid too.
“Jamoh, meet David, the minister’s son, I told you about him.” I liked every time she mentioned my name. They offered me a simple chair and a bottle of soda which I took with some cakes. I was obviously feeling hungry so I didn’t hesitate. James was a social guy and I came to like him, we conversed for more than two hours in the shop. Serena was sometimes with us but was much engaged with the customers. There was no doubt that the shop had already started doing well.
The only thing I missed was to be left with Serena, James never discovered that so he kept narrating more and more stories. He told me how he had dropped out of school due to lack of school fees after his father’s death. I promised him a job in one of our businesses in the city.
“I will be so happy sir, have never been there.” He confessed happily. I wondered whether he would help me to convince Serena.

At around 1400hours I was ready to leave, I was already annoyed with James, I even doubted if he was Serena’s cousin. It seemed to me that he remained in the shop to prevent me from achieving my main goal. How could I approach her with him around?
“Serena, I want to leave.” I said standing from the chair.
“How fast? We enjoy your presence and company here. Stay a little longer please.” Her offer gave me some hope, did she like me? Maybe she even loves me. I smiled at the thought, she was looking at me so she laughed at my smile, I feared she might have read my mind.

“Yes, i mean i do,,i,,,,i will come again, no doubts.” I was totally confused, my mind was forcing me to say ‘I love you too, i will marry you.’ She must have been shocked by my sudden state of confusion. “Where is Daniel?” I tried to change the topic and appear calm.

“Let me fetch him for you sir.” James offered rushing outside. The moment i had wished and prayed for, Serena and I were alone ones more, i vowed never to let that golden opportunity go. The problem was where to start.

She must have sensed it coming , I saw it from the way she turned out busy, arranging and rearranging everything, she avoided my eyes.

“Serena?” I guess my voice was thick with emotions. It was time.

She turned to look at me, she seemed so weak to answer me.

I moved closer to where she was standing. She looked so scared when I held her two arms so that we faced each other.

Our eyes met and made vows before our mouths did. I could hear my heart and her’s exchanging beats.

Slowly our arms opened for each other and we embraced. I sq££zed her t--s against my chest and wished to remain that way forever.
“I love you Serena, it have taken me days to say it but I desperately love you.” I said passionately.

She suddenly pushed me away violently, as though she had remembered something. I felt so disappointed , had I said something wrong?
“Serena please!”
“I can’t.” She shouted, tears forming in her eyes.

I felt embarrassed to discover that Daniel and James had seen the whole drama, they were seated at the back of the shop.

“OK, please don’t cry.”I whispered.
“I must leave now.” I felt so annoyed, so disappointed, there was no doubt that she hated me.

“Daniel? Escort me to the car.” The boy stood up and followed me out, I had already said goodbye to James and requested him to take care of Serena who was still sobbing.

“Take this and buy some new clothes and shoes.” I gave him four thousand shillings. I knew it was too much for a young boy.

“Thank you very much sir!” He was very excited.

“Give this card your sister, tell her to call me anytime.”
“Okay sir, I will.”
“Goodbye Daniel.”
“See you sir, thanks, please come again.” I forced a smile as I nodded my head to indicate a ‘yes’. I doubted if I was ever to step in that place again.

I opened the front door of my car and set my right foot inside.

“David?” I turned sharply to see Serena standing at the door of the shop.

I looked straight in her eyes, she smiled and ran forward as I ran…..(to be continued in part six, thank you.)

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