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The Minister’s Son And I - Season 1 - Episode 48
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“Take them to the cell first!” Another voice ordered. Joyce and David were still considered as the ministers children, no police would shoot them without direct orders from the ministers. They had no otherwise, trying to escape from amidst of armed and foolish cops would be a suicide mission . They silently decided to take chances by going to a place from which no one returned, even for a descent burial. There was doubt that Joe was dead, Rozina was badly wounded and was desperately bleeding, no police cared about that. The death of Joe had left her cousin’s mouth dry. Mercy was a strong lady, however much she tried to stay unmoved, her sorrow was a nine months pregnancy.

David’s worry still remained, he knew that he needed evidence to have the minister jailed. The evidence was with just two people, Rozina and Joe. Now Joe was dead and Rozina seemed next. Without enough evidence, he could be accused of anything, the government would take an advantage of that and have him arrested. He needed a clear and strong evidence.

Eventually, they arrived and were pushed in different dark cells. Cells in which no one could tell a day and a night, everything was dark.

In the main office, there came a call from the president.
“Hello Sir.”
“Have you killed them?”
“No sir, two are dead but we will silence the rest before dawn.” The police said proudly.
“Good, now, don’t kill any of them until further notice, demonstrations have broken all over the country yet its at night, we fear that the nation will be in chaos tomorrow.” The president said sadly.

“What do they want?”
“They want David and his friends to be released, the journalists are the leaders of the demos, you still have one of them?”
“Yes, his name is Edward.”
“Good, don’t do anything stupid, keep them alive until you get an order from me.”
“Thank you sir.”
The line went dead.

As the president had predicted, the two days that followed, the nation was in real chaos. Some parts of the city were reduced into ashes, police tried to open fire but no one was cowered , the public was determined to have David and his friends released. People were arrested and others shot dead but the demonstrations increased day by day. No public servant reported to work, everyone went into a sudden strike, doctors, teachers, nurses and all the civil servants, only the cops and the government agencies were willing to work, but how would they access their places of work when every part of the nation was in chaos? There was no doubt that the demos were getting out of hands, the president had to do something.

On the third evening, he got a report that most of the countries had recalled their citizens back into their countries. Most of the western countries had vowed to withdraw their aids and business interactions if there won’t be a satisfactory solution in the country.

The public wanted the minister arrested as well, that was one of the most difficult demand the president wished to give in to.
“Sir, why don’t you release him and let’s silent him in a different way?” The police commission asked. “I fear its too late for that, my government stands accused in case anything happens to him, we must release them and file a case against him right away.” The president vowed.
“David has witnesses to have all of us arrested Sir.” The commissioner informed.
“His two key witnesses are dead, your boys shot them. He has no more witnesses, his mother is long dead, she was a big threat as an eye witness.” The president was happy again, convincing the public that David had lied wouldn’t be simple but without the witnesses, David would loose the case. He would be charged with causing unrest to the whole country and properties destructions, the president vowed that he would not come out of prison alive, he had caused enough trouble.

The minister , who was already out of hospital agreed to be put into police custody to have the demos stopped, the public cerebrated David’s release. Leaders of NGOs and human right commissions together with the journalist organizations wanted the minister to be charged with murder, the president himself stood accused with inability to control his juniors, the international community wanted him to step aside for more investigations.


A day later, from the day David was released, he was taken to court. A week was over and remember he was supposed to table full evidences against Mutua the former minister. He feared of loosing the case now that his two main witnesses were dead, he had tried to talk to Joyce’s mother to be the witness as she had been his Dad’s secretary but she had refused. The public had confidence in him, David feared, he didn’t want to fail the people, they had their hopes in him. The international communities looked up to him to bring justice and democracy.

“Be strong David, this is our last chance. I love you David.” Mercy said with sad emotions , she kissed him, not passionately.
Joyce held David by his shoulder. Her hands were shaking with emotions, she feared for her brother David.

“You are all I have David, we must win this case, please don’t go behind bars and leave me alone.” She wiped her tears.
Maccain came forth and held his hand.
“David, its time, time for justice, let’s go inside, the case is about to start.”

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