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The Minister’s Son And I - Season 1 - Episode 47
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Arresting David was a big mistake the government had made, the public had already known the truth. Maccaon, Joyce, Mercy, Joe, Journalist Edward and Rozina were arrested alongside David. He felt sorry for them, they didn’t deserve to be arrested, but for some reasons, he thought it was better to have everyone in prison, they will all be safe unlike when one would have left outside. What David didn’t know was that they were detained in an underground cell and nobody ever came from that cell alive. The secret cell was meant to silent those who seemed so superior for the ordinary law, David had proved to be one of them. He had more than enough information, enough to have even Mr president wet his pants. Almost every big fish had a reason to panic over David’s case. The president had not only taken one of David’s real father firm, but he had also wiped away the investigation against his death. By then, he was a senior judge. He later sold the wealthy firm and
used the money to campaign for presidency, that’s how he made it, for fifteen years now, he had been the president.

“Where are we? Does anyone have a clue?” Joe broke the silence, the cop guarding them eyed him coldly. Joe had less fear for cops, had he not used those guns they carry and even better ones for ages? He considered cops as cowards, why do they have to handcuff you yet they have a gun? They obviously fear for their lives, fear, everyone has his or her own fear.
“I don’t know but am sure we are not in the city.” David answered.

“Why should they arrest us? Do they even have any charge against us?” Joyce complained.

“They wish to hide the truth, we have to try and stick together, otherwise we might loose each other.” David advised and they all nodded their heads in agreements. “I have heard stories about an underground cell, a cell where no one returns, no one even knows where it is.” Maccain explained capturing the attention of everyone including the cop.
“You fear that its where we are being taken?” Mercy panicked.
“Its possible but am not sure, its the worst place they can take us.” Maccain said sadly.
“Enough of your talking! Silence!” The cop ordered.
“You can’t limit our talking Mr police, suit yourself.” Joe answered carelessly. The cop was agitated as he his head twice with the back of his gun. Joe couldn’t take the pain for long, h used his legs expertly and swiped him to the floor of the car. The gun fell off and before the cop found his ground, Joe was already on him, Joe was a strong and heavy man. He placed his cuffed hands on his neck so that he chocked and struggled to breath. He tried to kick his legs against the car to seek for some help from the front seats where two more cops were but David came up and pinned his legs painfully, it was hard for him to move any part of his body. He collapsed due to pain and luck of enough air to breath. Everyone became busy searching his pockets, they wanted keys to unlock the handcuffs.
“David , I still think its risky to try and escape, we are not criminals, are we?” Joyce argued.
“The underground cell, if at all we ends up there no one will ever find us, we will all be killed.” Maccain explained.
“We must break this door and try to run though we our hands will still be tied.” David said.
“If only I can find a small wire.” Joe put in.
“Here, I found it in the cop’s pocket.” Maccain said handing it over to him. “A metallic wire? Oh…yes…this will work..” Joe said happily as he received it. His happiness made everyone expectant. No one guessed what he wanted to do but they knew he was up to a good thing. Less than a minute later, Joe’s hands were free, no handcuffs!
“How did you….”
“Bring your hands I set you free.” He said proudly. He did it expertly, everyone was glad to have their hands free. Joe was proud to have played a key role into their escape. He collected a single key which he guessed it was used to lock and unlock the door of the car. Joe successfully opened the door but he was shocked to see two more police cars behind them, the cars were meant to escort them.

“Outside clear?”
“Not clear, lots of cops behind.” Joe informed. “Where are we?” David asked.
“I have no idea, it’s a strange place.”
“What do we do?” Joyce asked.

“We have to jump out of the car, its in a moderate speed.” Joe suggested.
“Then what?” Mercy asked suspiciously.
“Then save our own skins, we better do it now.” Joe was impatient, he seemed to enjoy every moment of it.

“You said there are cops behind, how do we..”

“We will have to risk.” Joe was already prepared to open and jump.

“That’s dangerous, let’s do this, stop the car first and attract their attention.” David suggested.
“How do we stop the car?”
“This way.” David used his hand to knock the side of the car noisily. The driver stopped it immediately and moved towards the back door.

“They are coming.” Joe whispered.
“Everyone take sit back on your hands and pretend to be handcuffed.” David ordered as he took the gun and put it behind himself . The cop opened the door using his own key, the other police jeeps had stopped too.
“Who raised the alarm?” The cop asked sporting with his bright touch.

“As you can see, your friend is having his loyal nap and so were we, why don’t you evaporate?” David answered rudely.
“Are you sure he is asleep?” The other cop had already arrived.

“Ben likes sleeping, very lazy.” The cop put in.

“Not when among criminals, I must confirm, I don’t trust them.” The cop made a mistake of stepping inside the car, David was already on his neck as he held a dagger against his neck, he had collected the dagger from the first cop’s pocket.
“Drop your gun or I finish him off!” David threatened, Joe had already taken the gun and was pointing it to the cop. He had no otherwise than to drop his gun, the other cops had already sensed an alarm.

One of them shouted. “Any problem there?”
“Tell them everything is alright! Now!” David ordered.
“Everything is fine sir, thank you!” He answered.
“Good, now, get inside and tell us where are we?”

“A kilometre away from the cell.” The cop answered.
“The underground cell?”
“Yes, its too late for you to escape” The cop smiled.

“There is never ‘too late’ you idiot!” Joe punched him using his right hand. “There is only one gate for entrance and exit, we have already entered the gate.” The cop said proudly. “The gate is highly guarded by few men from the finest squards.
His words were discouraging, before any of them would say a word, there came a m---d bang and Joe went on the floor. He was bleeding at the centers of his chest, he groaned with pain. The next bang sent Rozina on the floor.

“Noooooooooo! Everybody out and run!” David ordered but it was rather too late, more than ten cops were surrounding the jeep, thy were set with their guns. Joe breath his last as the unconscious cop recovered from his unconsciousness. David knew that their end had come.

“Shoot! Em’!!” A voice commanded. (To continue…..the story is nearing its end, in four more episodes maybe. In the last episode we will know about Madam Njeri’s fate. Thank you.)

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