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The Minister’s Son And I - Season 1 - Episode 46
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Serena saw it first, she was so shocked to speak. She was sure that the media had maybe decided to play one video of which maybe David was captured. Playing it for the memory of her David was a nice thing, she was proud of him even at his ‘death.’ She was glad that regardless of his young age, he had left unforgettable legacy.

Serena thought of calling madam Njeri from her bedroom to come and witness her son’s video being played on telly for his memory. But then she had a second thought, it would only add grief on her. After all , maybe she had already been used to seeing her son on telly. Whatever Serena didn’t realize was that David was live on air, he was very much alive.

David sat opposite his friend Edward who was their interviewer. No sooner had the cameras been switched on than the room went flooding with journalists from different media houses. All of them wanted to capture him live.

“David Kamau Mutua, those are your full names my friend?” Edward enquired for the benefit of the viewers.
“Its my name.” David said shortly.
“The whole country believes that you are dead, what do you think about that?” Edward asked.

David cleared his throat and wore his usual smile.

“It’s not a big deal to me, the country we live in is full of bigger lies, lies out of selfishness. Its now up to the world to know that I am alive.” David concluded.

“Does your dad the minister know that you are alive?”

“My Dad died ages ago, the minister believes that am dead.” David answered.

“The minister is not your dad?” One of the journalists put across with surprise.
“I said he is not.”

“Tell us, what happened to your dad? Who is the minister to you?” Another journalist asked.

“The matter is already in court, I don’t wish to speak about it. My message to my country men is that, I am alive. We will fight for truth and justice until its achieved.” He concluded emotionally, his voice carried with it some irresistible power, power that had always made him obeyed and respected regardless of his humility and his medium body.

“David, the journalists had always seeked to interview you but you always turned them down, why?”
“Nice question, I never work with people who only think of making money and building up their names.” He answered boldly.
“The press you mean?”
“The whole lot is corrupt, its an enemy to justice and equality, why do you think you guys ran here to capture me with your cameras? To air the truth? No, bless my soul! All want to earn an extra coin..” There was lots of murmuring in the room as the journalists protested against his statement.
“That’s an insult David…” A male journalist shouted. “Let it be, in our nation, truth sounds worse than an insult. Were you not the same guys who broadcasted about my death? Did any of you take time to try to investigate before airing it? If at all we need equality and change in our nation we need a stable and independent press as well.” David put in. Everyone saw sense in his words, there was no doubt that he meant to bring change in the nation. One of the journalists wanted to know why and how the minister wanted them dead. He gave chance to Joe Ngigi and Joyce Ndegwa to explain everything, the story was no doubt a shock to everyone but before they completed their interview there were sirens of police cars outsides and in few seconds there was no journalist left in the room apart from Edward.

Elsewhere, Serena was jumping and clapping her hands with joy, she had listened to everything and there was no doubt that he was alive. What Serena didn’t know was that she was about to loose David’s mother who was already tying a knot to hung herself. She chose a painful death to be as a punishment for her sins, she blamed herself for death of her husband, her daughter and son David. The immediate death of her son sorrowed her most.

Madam Njeri didn’t bother to leave a will or an explanation of why she chose death. One thing she was sure of was that justice was a dream that will never come true, not without her son to champion it. She shed more tears on David’s photo that she was holding, she stepped on the chair and placed her neck right inside the knot. She closed her eyes before thrashing the chair away…

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