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The Minister’s Son And I - Season 1 - Episode 45
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Of all the people, the news about David’s death seemed to hurt them most, madam Njeri (David’s mother ) and Serena were two people that David held a special places in their hearts, none of them was herself from the time the news was broadcaster. None of them saw any reason to continue living, each had a secret plan to commit suicide. Serena blamed herself for all that had happened, she knew that if she had not met David on that valentine evening, he would have married Joyce as it had been the Minister’s demand. She wondered why the gods had not played their roles, they should have influenced her to turn down his proposal. But, one thing she was sure, a strong bond had already connected them even before he proposed, in fact, if it wasn’t considered uncouth, she would have proposed to him herself, that is if he had delayed an hour longer.

Serena believed in David, in him she had seen her strength and a great future. He was handsome and wealthy, a man that every girl would fall for , his character made him unique. David’s association and love was for the ordinary, the poor and the weak. There was no doubt that the minister was not his biological dad, he was completely different. Without him, Serena saw no hope to live. She planed to take some poison as she went to bed, she pitied madam Njeri, the poor lady seemed to have no more tears left. She had fainted twice during the day, she had taken nothing not even a drop of water. She stared on the television like a ghost, she really wished that it was a dream that her only son was dead. It was at this time that she remembered her daughter, she had no idea of what had happened to her since Mutua took her from her life. She had always suspected that she was long dead. Njeri wanted to die, she would commit suicide and die in knowledge that she had left none of her child in the unfair world, she wished and prayed that she would meet her family in the next world. She vowed to haunt Mutua as a spirit, she would make sure she ruins his life.

Njeri had a plan of hanging herself in her bedroom and Serena had no idea of it, Serena had a plan of taking poison in her bedroom and madam Njeri had no clue of it. Maybe it would be a great surprise incase the two died and met in the next world.

The two were living in a rented apartment in which, only Mohammed the cop was their frequent visitor.


The country was in a grave silence, everyone seemed to had a reason to mourn. Even those who had not seen David, they had at least heard about him. Some knew him a rebel from a loyal family, others knew him as a champion of change, a humble young man with a great dream of bringing justice for the weak. David himself was touched by the intensity in which his death ought to have touched the country.

The media house was less busy when he entered, accompanied by his friends. Joyce, Maccain, Joe, Rozina and Mercy had gone with him. Edward was his journalist friend, he welcomed them warmly ,he had already set a place for each. He was now ready to switch on the camera.

On the other side, Mutua had every reason to cerebrate, his friends sat around metallic tables occupied by rich drinks. Infront of them there was a huge screen but none seemed interested in following whatever was going on in the telly.

All of them were the minister’s closest friends and business partners , he had arranged the party to cerebrate his victory. All of them knew the kind of victory he was cerebrating.

“Minister?” One of them called in shock as he glued his eyes on the screen.
“Yes Julius.”

“Is that not David on the television?” The minister turned sharply.

“David is dead, how can he….” His words failed him as he went down on the floor.

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